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Last Friday I had my interview for a volunteer position at the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival!

The walls were pink and the couches were purple, the whole office where the interviews were conducted was just so pretty, I was so distracted! I hope I get in, I think it would be a really good experience for me as I although I am doing Commerce/Law at the moment, what I really hope to get after coming out of the degree is a job in the fashion industry..! I know it doesn’t make sense but that is my goal. And this is one of the steps that may lead me towards it.

Anyways, on Sunday I went to the market & got these lovelies! (Please ignore the stray blu-tack piece on the wall!)

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Floral Jacket

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Maroon Vest

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Tapestry Vest

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Checkered Jacket

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Red Jacket

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Patchwork/beaded vest

I love floral jackets, I think they look really nice with anything plain and simple, or even with clashing patterns and textures.I thought the maroon vest had diy potential and am thinking of turning it into a military inspired vest. The tapestry vest.. tapestry is something i cannot get enough of right now. And I love the different patterns on the last vest! TOTAL: $18. Most need altering as they are way too huge but I just love the design of them all, so it’s all worth the time :)

I’m hoping to start an online store on etsy soon, I want to sell headbands & other small handmade accessories, so I bought these vintage brooches at the market too, which I plan to incorporate into my designs :)

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Definately a well spent early morning.

Today I went to uni.. and I wore the floral jacket I bought yesterday! (Very in love)

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White singlet: Miss Shop
Pink singlet: Dotti
Floral jacket, blue cardigan & bag: Vintage
Shorts: Jayjays
Tights: Voodoo
Shoes: Novo

This pink top is now on the long list of things to mend/alter/sew.. the button fell off today whilst fiddling!

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