Boater Hats

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Image source: The Cherry Blossom Girl

So for some reason I was browsing boater hats via google and this image reminded me that .. I should probably get around to decorating my boater hat I bought ages ago!

So I’ve always wanted a boater hat (before I acquired one), they really remind me of picnics and the countryside. I was at Savers on the Summer holidays and just wishing I would finally get my hands on a vintage one. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. I was stalking straw hats in the hats section when a Savers employee strolled about in front of me and placed some new stock on the rack.. one of which was a boater hat! As soon as it was on the rack, it was in my hands! Duration of shelf life: 2 seconds.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Boater hat: Savers – $4

It came with quite an ugly ribbon which I just removed and it’s now got a pretty maroon one with a bow! Though I’m not sure if I like the ribbon dangly long past the brim, I might end up cutting that off. What do you think?

PS. Hi to Unyime from Lookbook who reposted my look here, Carrie from Carrie’s Diary who blogged about my look here and lastly Jess from JessLovesFred who posted my look on tumblr here, I am stalking your blogs as we speak & much enjoying your posts.. do check them out!

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