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Hello Terraniums

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I’ve just completed three exams, with one to go next Thursday. There is a bit of an outfit post drought right now as I haven’t had the time to document due to excess amounts of studying. Really ceebs right now as I’ve just come home from an exam but hopefully now that I only have one left with a week to study for it (not that I have started studying much for it), I will be able to sneak in an outfit post!

Anyway I’m here to share with y’all the lovely concept of terraniums!

Terraniums are basically little gardens made in fish-tank style bowls, jars, and the like. They are like bonsai trees, but garden! I have a thing for miniature items and this is just too cute to pass up.

I think I will make one of my goals this semester break, to make some terraniums for my room! New on my op-shopping journeys is finding a cool shaped jar/bowl to make my new little botanical garden in. I’m so excited :)

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And what do I want in my terraniums?
☺ A farmhouse
☺ A dirt track
☺ Brocolli like trees
☺ Lots of moss for grass!
☺ Sheep
☺ A sun hanging from some string
☺ A little river stream

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I’m so excited just thinking about it! Better change thinking modes and get cracking on studying for my last exam though!

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