—— 24.06.10 | outfit ——

Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights

jgnuz7 Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
2125iu Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
21cw2eu Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
255jq87 Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
xm2yro Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
2ivcpl1 Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
2e31vyb Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights
2ueiuqt Pearl Jacket & Henry Holland Suspender Tights

Beret: Forever New, Shirt: Vintage, Pearl jacket: Forever 21, Watch necklace: Diva, Skirt: Forver 21, Tights: Henry Holland, Bag: Vintage

Hello semester break, and hello new blog design! I know everything is just overly transparent and difficult to read right now but I am going to change that very very soon!

I am so excited about the holidays and I don’t want to mention politics in my celebratory start to the break, but I feel sorry and sad for Kevin Rudd. For those who aren’t from Australia, Kevin Rudd basically stepped down from being prime minister due to pressure and his deputy took over! His party was originally going to vote today between Rudd and Gillard, and he knew he was going to lose so he just resigned :( It’s pretty sad how his party basically turned their backs on him and went against him instead of working together to fix problems. Oh. Well. Trivial fact: Julia Gillard has a law degree.

—— 23.06.10 | outfit ——

Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the Semester

2r7bxwo Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the Semester
241urfc Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the Semester
1qg9w7 Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the SemesterHoodie: Yesstyle

I’m sorry for being absent from my blog for a very long time, posting nothing much interesting. Nevertheless, I am back!! I have no outfits for you today except for this hoodie I love so much. It unfortunately does not belong to me, but did indeed reside in my bedroom, under my care for the past year :D. The hoodie’s real owner is one of my best mate’s who was very kind to lend it to me for over a whole year. It’s actually a guy’s hoodie, I persuaded him into purchasing it as I fell in love with it as soon as I laid my eyes on it’s spunky American flag looking design. SO, I made him buy it so I could enjoy seeing someone wear it!! Anyway, the time has come for me to return it back to it’s original owner, and I just wanted to take a few photos with it so that I can look back and reminisce the times we spent together (hoodie and I)…:D

kf4foj Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the Semester
2aepk41 Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the SemesterImages by Summit Entertainment

Last weekend I took a break from studying and went to see Letters to Juliet with the tix I won from Dotti as well as buy some supplies to make a whole heap of headbands! I’m so excited in getting a little online store going this holidays, it will be like a dream come true!
As with Letters to Juliet, I think I’ve found a new favourite chick flick to drool over!!! I’m going to have to vote that Amanda Seyfried is way too pretty & English accents are extremely attractive. I think Amanda and Gemma Ward sort of look quite similar. I never made the connection that she was also one of the girls in Mean Girls. I really enjoyed the movie actually, although I think that if I was to rewatch it again I may come to realise that it was full of corny lines. During the movie I had a sudden epiphany – I’m want to move to Europe when I grow up! There’s something about those European hills that really lure me in…

Moving on, a certain pair of jeans have gotten me crazy lately. I’m not one who loves pants much, but these H&M floral jeans are making me very very sad! I can’t seem to get my hands on a pair in my size :(

23h3nmu Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the SemesterImage source: Ebay

(Also lusting for is the Zara cat dress, I don’t know why. I’ve seen it on so many pretty people and in so many pretty outfits that I’ve suddenly found myself wanting one too!) It is believed that the dress was inspired by Miu Miu’s Spring 2010 prints.

ohimbc Tomorrow I Sit My Last Exam for the SemesterImage source: Zara.com

And I know this is supposed to be a holiday but next week I will start making my first batch of handmade headbands for you all! I really enjoy designing&making things and a few of you have asked about purchasing them, so hopefully this will be a enjoyable and lovely adventure for us both!

Unfortunately, I will not be making and restocking headbands like a mass producing giant retail chain as there is only one person employed and operating the whole business and that is me, kani :) I do try my best, but I will only be making the amount that allows me to balance study work and play!

I will be listing them in my Etsy shop for now, and it may take me up to a month to get it all sorted out and organised before I open it :) All updates will be made via my blog.

Lastly, I just wanted to share what I am currently listening to:
Just Jack – Disco Friends

I absolutely love this song! I’m really into this sorta genre of music (aside from the usual acoustic stuff I love), it’s sort of techno but slow? and it has a haunting vibe to it.. i don’t know how to describe it, but i love it, and have loved it for almost three years. My love for it is still so so strong :)

Tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting my last exam for the semester, it is a law exam and I am sort of nervous as at our university, law exam grades are done via a bell-curve system, where everyone is ranked – just like high school! And since there’s heaps of smartypants doing law… hopefully I end up somewhere okay!

My lovely readers, next post will be an outfit post – I promise! :) But for now, I’m ready to head to sleep and entertain myself with the adventures I have in my dreams.

—— 18.06.10 | outfit ——

Hello Terraniums

nr0l0l Hello Terraniumswww.instructables.com

I’ve just completed three exams, with one to go next Thursday. There is a bit of an outfit post drought right now as I haven’t had the time to document due to excess amounts of studying. Really ceebs right now as I’ve just come home from an exam but hopefully now that I only have one left with a week to study for it (not that I have started studying much for it), I will be able to sneak in an outfit post!

Anyway I’m here to share with y’all the lovely concept of terraniums!

Terraniums are basically little gardens made in fish-tank style bowls, jars, and the like. They are like bonsai trees, but garden! I have a thing for miniature items and this is just too cute to pass up.

I think I will make one of my goals this semester break, to make some terraniums for my room! New on my op-shopping journeys is finding a cool shaped jar/bowl to make my new little botanical garden in. I’m so excited :)

117hezb Hello TerraniumsUnknown
10p53e1 Hello TerraniumsUnknown
2dgte00 Hello TerraniumsUnknown
34s04ye Hello Terraniumshumblecub.blogspot.com

And what do I want in my terraniums?
☺ A farmhouse
☺ A dirt track
☺ Brocolli like trees
☺ Lots of moss for grass!
☺ Sheep
☺ A sun hanging from some string
☺ A little river stream

2udzzaw Hello TerraniumsThomas Doyle

I’m so excited just thinking about it! Better change thinking modes and get cracking on studying for my last exam though!