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July 2010

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    Sunday Morning In Australia

    (You can see how I’ve become sick of the brick wall by here and moved to my garden :P) Beret: Forever 21 with DIY bow, Jumper: Forever 21, Shorts: Forever 21,…

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    Red’S My Favourite Colour

    Boater hat: Thrifted with DIY bow, Dress: Vintage Country Road, Scarf: China, Blazer: Thrifted Country Road (not sure if it is ‘vintage’, Cream wool tights: Columbine (I think), Pocket boots: Urban…

  • outfit

    Wardrobe Remix Peter Alexander Playsuit Part Iii

    Headband: Handmade by kani (design in store soon :D), Playsuit: Peter Alexander, Velvet shorts: Woodford & Co Sample, Cardigan: Vintage, Scarf: Vintage, Tights: Voodoo, Flats: Diana Ferrari Look THREE โ€“ Weekend/Going…