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Almost Spring

23uo70h Almost Spring
34oobcw Almost Spring
2m7ulpj Almost Spring
f4n51u Almost Spring

Polka dot blouse: Vintage, Black skivvy: Miss Shop, Necklace: Market, Denim skirt: Target, Tights: ASOS, Hat: China

Just checking in to say hi :) Sorry for not replying to any comments lately, i do read them all but just haven’t had the time to get back to you!

The sun was shining so beautifully through my sister’s window, so we decided to get a quick post up and going :)

The other day, my sister and i were looking for clothes for a dress up party she was attending and we came across this lovely polka dot blouse in my mother’s wardrobe! My mother was feeling rather charitable and let me have it, safe to say this is probably the 5th polka dot item i have acquired in the last month and i love the flowy, soft feel of it when i wear it.

2zekymx Almost Spring

The skirt i am wearing is a skirt my sister and i bought together at target a few years ago. it’s actually from the kids section, but luckily, we both fit it still, though i wear it more than her!

2jg13sg Almost Spring

And lastly, these tights were the tights i purchased from ASOS, i’ve been lemming them for a while and finally bought them – probably not a great idea as i am trying to save up a massive holiday to travel interstate this summer (interstate is the only place i can afford right now haha!), but nevertheless, i love them so much!

I’m having the most busiest week ever, though i wanted to give two shout outs before i head off to my books!

1. PJ from Cool by Association sent me some lovely vintage tights last week. Thankyou thankyou thankyou :) They are the cutest thing ever – pale pink with little tulips printed all over! She’s a bit of an opaholic just like me and found these in an op shop!

2. Annie from Time Enough for Drums has featured me as her August Featured Blogger!! This is so exciting for me as i actually just love her blog! If you haven’t already heard of her, Annie is also a huge fan of all things vintage, i love all her thrifted items – especially her shoe collection. Man, in times of academic hardship.. i always seem to have a shoe shopping craving.

Bye everyone! :)

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Shooting On Film – Holga 120cfn

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lwu1e Shooting On Film   Holga 120cfn
dol6o0 Shooting On Film   Holga 120cfn
zjue6p Shooting On Film   Holga 120cfn
20rlnxi Shooting On Film   Holga 120cfn

Sorry for being a ghost this week, you know how all university assessments always seem to be concentrated during the same week? Yep, well that week is coming up for me and that is next week! And guess what else is on next week… MELBOURNE SPRING FASHION WEEK!!

My friends and i are going to a couple of shows each and also i just wanted to say that.. i got a position to help out for one of the shows backstage!!! Really really excited as i originally got to the interview stage and got rejected again, but they put us all on the waiting list and then yesterday i got a call from MSFW asking if i was still interested! Yay! I had applied for L’oreal earlier this year but was rejected so i guess persistence pays! I didn’t want to pick up too many shifts because of all the assessments that are coming up in uni (accounting is so depressing) but still wanted to be part of it so i am now doing back stage for one of the shows during the week. This will be my first experience ever in a sort of ‘fashion industry’ thing.

Today, i went to the induction for it and yeah, was so super excited i felt like quitting uni to pursue a fashion course! We were briefed about our duties in a room where the peter alexander rack was all ready and yeah, it looked just like gossip girl and now i am excited as ever for next week. It is going to be absolutely stressful (homework) but so exhilarating at the same time (msfwmsfwmsfw). I might not be update too often next week due to everything that’s going on, but be sure to hear from me soon! perhaps on the weekend :):)

Anyway, a little bit of a different post today, i thought i would share with you some scans of a few photos i have taken on my holga :) I own the 120CFN and have run both 120 film and 135 film through it. If you would like to know how to run 35mm film through your 120 camera, you can try youtubing ‘Kaituba’ (I think his name was) who has lots of great tutorials for lomo cameras :)

Anyway, i am a huge fan of (amateur) photography and wish i had more time to just travel around and take photos of anything and everything. Part of the reason why i haven’t been taking any photos lately is that i always seem to leave my dslr at home when i go out (hence you hardly see any photos of me out and about), mainly because it is so big and bulky to carry around!

I recently entered a photography competition hosted by Teds Cameras, a lovely camera specialists chain in Australia. I’ve had my photos developed there before and the people i talked to was very friendly in helping me with my 120 film! Did you know that the ‘colour’ roll of film that comes with your Holga Starter Kit is actually black and white?!

Anyway, the competition lets you enter up to five photos of your city and it is held to celebrate Ted’s 40th birthday! I thought it would be a great chance to enter a few of my film photography pics in so i uploaded three of my city shots. There are three winners and they are determined by the one with the most/highest rated photo.


If you like the photographs i entered, i would love it if you could help by clicking 5 stars to vote for me :). It only takes two seconds as you don’t have to sign up! You are allowed to ask people you know to vote for you, and i sort of feel bad for doing it but i thought i might as well or else i would get knocked out of the competition for not asking anyone, as i have done in the past! To those who do click through, please don’t stalk my real name you’ll make me paranoid =o

I really appreciate it if you voted for me!

So i plan to take lots of photos this summer break, would you be interested in seeing some photography on this blog too?

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Leopard Print Ruffles

2cppd9d Leopard Print Ruffles
2nav1ug Leopard Print Ruffles
6zbr4g Leopard Print Ruffles
t6tjja Leopard Print Ruffles
28byaeu Leopard Print Ruffles
bgbtsg Leopard Print Ruffles

Headband: Handmade by Kani, Dress & Belt: Yesstyle, Cardigan: China, Tights: Forever 21, Socks: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Novo

Hello all! This has got to be the most rushed post i will ever type. It never dawned on me that i would have so much homework until today in class when one of our law lecturers kindly let us know that our second assignment question was released today! I am currently in the process of freaking out after a 9-5 (literally) day of university but yet i find myself heading to my blog before looking at my homework.

In the next two weeks, i have two mid semester tests and two assignments due. Then in the next two weeks after that i have another two assignments due! Don’t you just hate the times when everything’s due at once? I’m also heading off to a couple of fashion shows @ Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with some friends so the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy!

Very sad because on the weekend i happily shifted all my etsy things into my dad’s study room and have deemed having successfully conquered and now owning the room for a good few weeks as i planned to get my store running. I suppose that will be at a standstill now until everything is handed in and done :P Sorry!

Onto some other news, came home to these two parcels which indeed made my procrastinate a good half hour. Please excuse my university state of ..wellbeing haha.

2itlhy8 Leopard Print Ruffles

ASOS and a lovely parcel from Sunny Sideup Closet arrived!

v8lees Leopard Print Ruffles

And here is proof that i am NOT a shopoholic :P Look above!

2wm2ozm Leopard Print Ruffles
312x060 Leopard Print Ruffles
53u2pg Leopard Print Ruffles

Ezreen from Sunny Sideup was ever so kind to send me four vintage dresses of my choice from their little store :) I was so obsessed with their huge range that i couldn’t resist but purchase one more haha. Anyway here are some sneak pic’s of the lovely dresses that i have received.. be sure to see them soon! I love them all and can’t wait for the Spring/Summer weather so i can wear them :):)


See you all on the other side of the week! Thanks for reading my FAQ and for all the lovely recommendations for travelling – i will get back to you all as soon as my homework pile allows me. I will not be proofreading this post :(