Almost Spring

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Polka dot blouse: Vintage, Black skivvy: Miss Shop, Necklace: Market, Denim skirt: Target, Tights: ASOS, Hat: China

Just checking in to say hi :) Sorry for not replying to any comments lately, i do read them all but just haven’t had the time to get back to you!

The sun was shining so beautifully through my sister’s window, so we decided to get a quick post up and going :)

The other day, my sister and i were looking for clothes for a dress up party she was attending and we came across this lovely polka dot blouse in my mother’s wardrobe! My mother was feeling rather charitable and let me have it, safe to say this is probably the 5th polka dot item i have acquired in the last month and i love the flowy, soft feel of it when i wear it.

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The skirt i am wearing is a skirt my sister and i bought together at target a few years ago. it’s actually from the kids section, but luckily, we both fit it still, though i wear it more than her!

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And lastly, these tights were the tights i purchased from ASOS, i’ve been lemming them for a while and finally bought them – probably not a great idea as i am trying to save up a massive holiday to travel interstate this summer (interstate is the only place i can afford right now haha!), but nevertheless, i love them so much!

I’m having the most busiest week ever, though i wanted to give two shout outs before i head off to my books!

1. PJ from Cool by Association sent me some lovely vintage tights last week. Thankyou thankyou thankyou :) They are the cutest thing ever – pale pink with little tulips printed all over! She’s a bit of an opaholic just like me and found these in an op shop!

2. Annie from Time Enough for Drums has featured me as her August Featured Blogger!! This is so exciting for me as i actually just love her blog! If you haven’t already heard of her, Annie is also a huge fan of all things vintage, i love all her thrifted items – especially her shoe collection. Man, in times of academic hardship.. i always seem to have a shoe shopping craving.

Bye everyone! :)

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