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Beret: Dotti, Swing coat: Dotti, Longsleeve: Miss Shop, Skirt: Jayjays, Tights: Kmart, Shoes: Bonbons, Bag: Sportsgirl, Necklaces: Diva

I think this is the first outfit I have ever posted where I am not wearing any vintage things! I do, however, have pretty much all the chain stores in Australia covered! Weird.. I don’t normally dress like this and sometimes feel a little weirded without my vintage fix!

My coat looks really green here, it’s actually a denimy looking blue (thought I should point that out :P). The photos make me feel like I’m a tree, with all the green. Actually, my tights are a teal colour hahaha. The colour of the grass in my garden also possesses some weird shades of alien! In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have worn these teal tights…!

Something I never do is moisturising my hands. Especially in winter time. It’s not that I don’t want to moisturise my hands.. I’m just too lazy to! Plus I hate it when you have to wait for all that stuff to soak in before you can commence doing anything productive again. Just a side comment – Palmers Cocoa Butter is amazing, and baby lotion is really great for a non-greasy product hahaha :):)

Hope everyone is doing well & hello to my new followers!

And to those who commented about loading 10 blogs at a time and having them all fail to load – I just wanted to reiterate how frustrating it is!!! Yeah!! I tried to catch up on some blogs today and they all had the ‘loading’ page for 2 minutes, before all turning to a ‘fail to load’ page. Massive sadface :(:(

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