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Leopard Print Ruffles

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Headband: Handmade by Kani, Dress & Belt: Yesstyle, Cardigan: China, Tights: Forever 21, Socks: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Novo

Hello all! This has got to be the most rushed post i will ever type. It never dawned on me that i would have so much homework until today in class when one of our law lecturers kindly let us know that our second assignment question was released today! I am currently in the process of freaking out after a 9-5 (literally) day of university but yet i find myself heading to my blog before looking at my homework.

In the next two weeks, i have two mid semester tests and two assignments due. Then in the next two weeks after that i have another two assignments due! Don’t you just hate the times when everything’s due at once? I’m also heading off to a couple of fashion shows @ Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with some friends so the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy!

Very sad because on the weekend i happily shifted all my etsy things into my dad’s study room and have deemed having successfully conquered and now owning the room for a good few weeks as i planned to get my store running. I suppose that will be at a standstill now until everything is handed in and done :P Sorry!

Onto some other news, came home to these two parcels which indeed made my procrastinate a good half hour. Please excuse my university state of ..wellbeing haha.

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ASOS and a lovely parcel from Sunny Sideup Closet arrived!

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And here is proof that i am NOT a shopoholic :P Look above!

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Ezreen from Sunny Sideup was ever so kind to send me four vintage dresses of my choice from their little store :) I was so obsessed with their huge range that i couldn’t resist but purchase one more haha. Anyway here are some sneak pic’s of the lovely dresses that i have received.. be sure to see them soon! I love them all and can’t wait for the Spring/Summer weather so i can wear them :):)


See you all on the other side of the week! Thanks for reading my FAQ and for all the lovely recommendations for travelling – i will get back to you all as soon as my homework pile allows me. I will not be proofreading this post :(

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