Ready for School

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Headband: Handmade by Kani, Striped top: Forever 21, Jacket: Forever 21, Watch necklace: Forever 21, Skirt: Forever 21, Rings: Forever 21, Belt: Forever New, Cream tights: Forever 21, Socks: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Tapestry backpack: Vintage

hello everyone,

i got a haircut! i haven’t had one for a while so i decided it was time. i went to the hairdresser with no opinion on how i wanted my hair to be cut, and chose a style from one of the hairstyle magazines lying around! not sure if this suits me, there are so many short layers cut into my hair it sort of looks like a mullet on top. actually when i was in year 12 (last year), i had a front-ish fringe like this too but i plan to sweep this one somewhat sideways, it was just that i was too lazy to do this today :)

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the hairdresser styled my hair like this for me, he was really eager to put that waxy stuff in my hair just to show me how it’s done! But since I was too lazy to, my photos show me in my naturale state of mushroom mullet hair :D..

these photos are the pics i am going to enter for the chictopia forever 21 back to school competition :), hence why i have so many forever 21 things on! actually, earlier at the start of the year, i bought so many (perhaps a few too many) things from forever 21, because i was preparing for the school year! i purchased quite a few plain tops/jumpers, skirts and a couple of jackets which i thought i was going to wear in university this year. in australia, most high schools have uniforms, but when it comes to uni, you can wear whatever you like :):)

ps. although the title is ‘ready for school’, i no longer attend school, i go to uni now! stay tuned, next post (hopefully) will be my faq post, in answer to all your lovely questions you have left me in the comments section/emailed me!

pps. my blog has a new header and some new sidebar button links! i know my sidebar/blog navigation is a complete mess, so i’ve been trying to fix it up a bit. expect to see changes in the future :):) i hope you like my new header! i enjoyed creating it, photo credits go to my little sister :)

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