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Hey everyone!

Kani here, but without any answers to your questions unfortunately. I’m also without an outfit post and am here to share with you some of my latest loves. I am still working on the FAQ post, hope to post it soon. But for now, here are the results of my stalk of Topshop. I should really stop doing this, but at least the things I like sell out fast and hence I don’t need to spend ages pondering about whether or not I actually want to purchase them :)

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Rings, rings, rings! I am really enjoying the large 3d ornaments that are adorning these little rings right now. The bird cage, binoculars, bird nest and antlers are too cool! Also love the crown and rose wrap around rings, I wish I could own them all!

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This boater hat is amazing! It’s different to most boater hats as it’s made out of a felt material. I love it! Also, to those who were wondering where they could get a bow beret not in Australia.. Topshop!

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And lastly.. my fave socks :) I cannot get enough of Topshop’s ankle socks range :( The clouds, scallop tops and bows are really persuading :(

All photos sourced from Topshop.com

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