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Velvet Bows & Bow Blouses

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Black oversized velvet bow headband: handmade by Kani, Pussy bow blouse: Vintage, Denim skirt: Valleygirl, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Ebay, Heels: Novo, Bag: Vintage via Bluegrass Booty Vintage, Bracelet: Gift from friend, from Japan! :)

Hello all :)

I’ve been a little slack on the blog maintenance lately, here’s an outfit post with little commentary. Yesterday, my mum was bragging about the clothes she has kept from when she was 20-30 years old. She pulled out the most amazing cardigan that i have ever laid my eyes on. I attempted a little charity swap – there was this cardigan in my wardrobe she liked to borrow so i put it on offer for her most handsome cardigan. Swap denied. (Of course!) I cannot even begin to find words to describe it’s sheer beauty. It was a red-maroon sort of colour, with beautiful patterns all over it, sort of aztec looking – my fave :) I hope that she will let me borrow it one day so i can take a photo of it to show you all, it is by far the bestest thing i have seen for a while.

Since my mum was feeling charitable yesterday, she gave me one of her old jumpers and a 1970s cardigan! I hope to show them to you all soon :) But for now, i have to get back to my law assignment, which is due this friday. I also hope to share with you all a little ‘travelling in china tips’ post soon, for anyone who happens to go touring at this non-vacational period of the year!

PS. I also wanted to say hello to a few of my newest followers, thankyou for joining me on my blogging adventure, i’m glad to have the company of you all.

And lastly, for those who are inquiring (enquiring?) about my store, it’s coming soon.. i try my hardest and am just waiting for a few shipments of some finishing touches, all will be revealed soon!

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