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Eco-Fashion With Rapanui

deutn4 Eco Fashion With Rapanui

Hello guys! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that i am a bit of a greenie. Not so much the ‘trees have feelings’ type, but more of the environmentally conscious type, where i am always trying to minimise damage to the environment in things i do. This is one of the main reasons why i love vintage so much – not only are they made with better quality to outstand numerous wears, but also because i feel as if it would be a waste for such lovely items to be thrown away. I want to rescue these items from landfill! I’m also not so much into wearing things once and throwing it away – i feel like it is such a waste. I also get weary of purchasing chain store items as there is that little kick of guilt inside me wondering about just where they were made. I know i am not 100% perfect, but when i can, i do try my best to do things right. (Just going off on a tangent here, for those who like eco-fashion, eco-friendly things – you should definitely get your hands on the Australian mag, Peppermint!)

4uxwd5 Eco Fashion With Rapanui
So when Lizzy from Rapanui emailed me introducing me to their company, i immediately knew that i wanted to share a little bit more about the sort of ethically and environmentally friendly things i really appreciate. Read below to find out more :)

A passion for fashion needn’t cost the Earth

Have you heard of Rapanui?

Rapanui is an eco-fashion company from the Isle of Wight, taking on fashion’s last big challenge – making eco fashion cool.

What goes into Rapanui’s items?

Rapanui use eco-textiles like organic cotton and bamboo. What’s more, all Rapanui items are made ethically using renewable energy. There is also a traceability tool on the website which you can click on to find out exactly how and where each item is made!

And their collection?

Rapanui’s items are all about creating super soft, flattering basics – eco fashion essentials that are made to last and outlast seasons. You can find knickers, socks, leggings and t-shirts on their site. Pretty much all wardrobe essentials made ethically from natural, organic materials.

And the people behind Rapanui?

Designer Martin Drake-Knight: “We all know, at the back of our minds, that fast fashion has some quite serious and negative consequences, but it can be hard to find out exactly where clothing comes from and how it is made, and the ranges that clearly are eco-friendly are also clearly not chic. At Rapanui we want to change that, and make it convenient for people to shop quickly, with a conscience. Eco Fashion no longer has to be exclusive or expensive.”

Rob Drake Knight, Co Founder: “The great thing about using eco-fabrics is that they are naturally softer, more breathable and comfy. We’ve also developed initiatives like Traceability and Eco-labelling to make ethical shopping easier on the high street and online.”

“It’s not that people don’t care about these issues, it’s just they don’t know and suggest that fashions unique power to inspire trends could be used to some good.”

To the readers out there interested in supporting eco-fashion and everything Rapanui does, Rapanui has provided an exclusive code for K is for KANI readers, just enter ‘kani’ at checkout to receive 10% off your goodies!

—— 27.09.10 | outfit ——

Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot

od1m9 Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
2cwqyc3 Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
wjb8l4 Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
j0vehy Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
qn78z5 Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
29f4huq Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
ake5xy Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot

The lady boutonniere headband from kani, Forever New dress, Ebay tights, Tony Bianco Shoes

I think this outfit describes my style well. A little bit of handmade (the headband), a little bit of chain store (Forever New), a little bit of online (Ebay) and.. leather shoes. hahaha

A few of you wanted to see more of this Forever New dress, i hope the photos above satisfied your curiousity on what it looks like! I actually bought it to wear to university balls i was planning to attend but i didn’t end up going to any.

1zbdnuu Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
vpu9tl Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
21140h1 Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
33nc7io Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
2mp07ep Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
211t5rd Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
dlkm0o Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot
28vr8mf Behind the Kani Lookbook Shoot

Mr. Big bow headband from kani (now sold!), Vintage dress, Vintage coat, scarf from overseas, Voodoo tights, Sportsgirl socks, Novo shoes

This coat was actually from my mum and it is also what inspired the name of my vintage range of headbands. My mum actually altered this coat to make it smaller so it could fit me better but it’s unfortunately still a little too big!

—— 25.09.10 | outfit ——

Black and White

25t91n4 Black and White
28hfjnn Black and White
28a6q75 Black and White
e6aq3b Black and White
90bo91 Black and White
2ry6jo4 Black and White

Diva headband, Vintage blouse, Thrifted poncho, Supre tulip skirt, Voodoo tights, School socks, Shoes from overseas

Yesterday was the first day of my much awaited for mid-semester break. All my lecturers kept emphasising how it was not a break to relax, but rather a ‘study break’ to get ourselves prepped up for the exams coming up! It never occurred to me that the examination period is so soon, my exams start in just a month! Well i don’t know about you guys, but i love to do everything early so exam study, here i come!

Today’s outfit is something i wore to university some time ago but forgot to take photos of. This is basically how i wear my ponchos :):) Coming soon will also be some extra photos taken whilst creating my store lookbook.

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for everyone who viewed my little Etsy store during the opening week :) I will be having a little mini store update hopefully soon too as i have just a few more items i am yet to capture and upload! And a big shout out to the invisible/economic forces/whatever it is that controls the exchange rate as the Aussie dollar is almost the same as US. I find myself frequenting the online stores every 2 hours…