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Black and White

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Diva headband, Vintage blouse, Thrifted poncho, Supre tulip skirt, Voodoo tights, School socks, Shoes from overseas

Yesterday was the first day of my much awaited for mid-semester break. All my lecturers kept emphasising how it was not a break to relax, but rather a ‘study break’ to get ourselves prepped up for the exams coming up! It never occurred to me that the examination period is so soon, my exams start in just a month! Well i don’t know about you guys, but i love to do everything early so exam study, here i come!

Today’s outfit is something i wore to university some time ago but forgot to take photos of. This is basically how i wear my ponchos :):) Coming soon will also be some extra photos taken whilst creating my store lookbook.

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for everyone who viewed my little Etsy store during the opening week :) I will be having a little mini store update hopefully soon too as i have just a few more items i am yet to capture and upload! And a big shout out to the invisible/economic forces/whatever it is that controls the exchange rate as the Aussie dollar is almost the same as US. I find myself frequenting the online stores every 2 hours…

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