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September 2010

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    My Birdless Bird Cage and Adventures At Chadstone

    Bowler hat: My father bought it, Blouse: Vintage, Pinafore: Sportsgirl, Tights: No where special, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Bonbons, Bird cage: The Reject Shop!This little pinafore is from Sportsgirl. It is surprisingly,…

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    Keeping It Comfy On My 101st Blog Post

    Maroon jumper: Vintage, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Columbine, Boots: Vintage, Bag: Vintage I only realised five minutes ago that my last post was my 100th blog post! Pretty exciting :) This…

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    Wearing Orange This Spring

    Headband: Handmade by KANI, Blouse: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage via Sunny Sideup Closet, Tights: bought overseas, Socks: little local store, Shoes: bought overseas, Bag: Vintage My sister and i are getting very…

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    Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

    100% exhausted. This is probably the most craziest week i’ve had all year! Woke up pretty much 7am almost every single day and went to uni, attended two fashion shows, volunteered…