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Forever 21 grey jumper, Vintage cardigan, Diva necklace, Forever 21 cropped cargo pants, no name socks & Urban Outfitters Brogues 

This post is titled Awkward because, frankly i felt quite awkward going out of the house in my pants. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because i haven’t worn pants out for approximately the whole of this year, or because i was wearing overly man-style clothes, or maybe it’s because i own some 20something pairs of tights but only three whole pairs of pants. Whatever it was, it was awkward wearing pants to collect my mail from the post office today. If i ever wear pants again, i am so wearing heels hahaha.
Tomorrow i have my first exam and i think i will be wearing a dress. The photo below is of the Urban Outfitters dress/(tunic) i purchased which came in the mail today. If anyone was thinking of purchasing the same item, my review of it would be that if you are tall and planning to wear it as a dress, don’t buy it!! It’s super short! I am 160cm and i think that if you were any taller, flashflashflash hahahaha. Anyway, aside from its shortness, i love it and want to wear it tomorrow but i haven’t washed it yet (it smells like new shoes?) and needs an iron!

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My procrastinating during periods immediately before my exams have reached new levels. I have strange studying habits. I always like to get things done early, hand assignments in at least a day before, etc. When it comes to exams, i seem to start studying too early(?) and then by the time it is..a couple of days before exams start i just have no motivation to learn anything else/can’t be bothered anymore. Generally procrastinating only involves simple tasks like staring at my wall and thinking about the holidays to come, but recently i’ve decided to take part in a more tangible type of procrastination.. clearing my wardrobe. I got as far as this because i realised i have accumulated so many new jumpers/cardigans over the winter that they have no where to go as they certainly do not fit under my bed like my summer clothes waiting to take its place!

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Anyway they have been sitting next to my door for the past two days and yeah, they really have no where to go.

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