Little Red Dress

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Vintage boater with DIY ribbon, Vintage dress courtesy of Sunny Sideup Closet, Topshop heart suspender tights, Novo heels, Vintage bag from my mother, Forever 21 watch necklace and Vintage navy snakeskin belt

Melbourne today was so beautiful. It finally hit the 20’s again after a weak of gloomy looking 17 degree days. It was a pity though that i was working during the morning and didn’t get to soak up the lovely sunny day. Being someone who never really checks the weather and just goes with personal estimates of the temperature, i wasn’t expecting it to be so hot when i left work. It was BOILING and i was wearing my thickest pair of black tights. Sigh.
So it was a little too sunny to take an outfit photo so the photos turned out a little grainy.. or it could just be because i edited them to make them grainy looking! I also couldn’t help taking these little random photos of our surroundings :)

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 Now you may have noticed some little changes to K is for KANI. Or not. But i’m here to let you know :)

1. The little menu tabs right under my header, is now centred. I thought it looked much better this way and was happy i finally got around to doing it. I also managed to change the html so that the ‘SHOP KANI’ link goes directly to my Etsy store :):)
2. My tumblr button is fixed and you can now click through to my tumblr page :) I intentionally left it as a broken link before as there was pretty much close to nothing on it! Though thanks to the lovely reader who thought it was a mistake and let me know about it being broken – thank you, it was very nice of you :)! I’ve decided to add in my tumblr link, kaniessa.tumblr.com just because i will probably never get around to doing it if i didn’t do it now. It’s still a little bit empty but i do look forward to giving it a better workout, blogging/reblogging inspiration photos as well as some of my photography :)
3. K is for KANI is now a ModCloth affliate! One of the things i’ve been wanting to do a while (support ModCloth) as it is an online store offering two things i just love: independent designers and vintage!! I mean just look at this:

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Yep, i told so! I haven’t actually purchased anything from ModCloth yet as the shipping rates to Australia are pretty steep. However, with every page click.. i get more.. and more.. tempted!
Oh and their shoes.. you don’t need to get me started.. here’s just one. To save you from any possible visual shoe diarrhea that may follow.
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Photos from:

Lastly, K is for KANI is so close to hitting 1000 Google Followers.. and i just can’t believe my eyes! I started this blog just under ten months ago with probably two friends as followers and just can’t believe how much it has grown! I didn’t really share my blog with my friends as i don’t know, do any of you find it a little awkward? Lately, people i know have been coming up to me and telling me they found my blog and i just find it so embarrassing on my behalf LOL I don’t know, i just feel so shy about it sometimes!
Anyway, i’d love to give away some goodies when i reach 1k followers as i really appreciate you all for being interested in what i love to do/ramble on about! So thankyou in advance and i hope i don’t reach the 1k milestone until after exams, so that i can have some time to plan it and make it as lovely as possible.
Tomorrow is the last day of my mid-semester break and exams start in four weeks. So.. i think i am going to go hit the books. Thanks for reading!
P.S. To those who use Blogger, you know how there are two modes, ‘Edit HTML’ and ‘Compose’? I only discovered the ‘Compose’ mode yesterday and might i say, it has made blogging sooo much more easier hahahaha. Oh i can be pretty stupid sometimes.
PPS. I didn’t get paid/bribed to write my last post, i actually wanted to share such things with you all!
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