—— 15.10.10 | outfit ——

Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers

343hegn Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
zkhhcj Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
13zzuq Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
mj8wlf Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
2uqp5bd Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
out6gw Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
dnldu8 Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
2wcoaw6 Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers

KANI handmade headband, Vintage top, Vintage jacket, Vintage skirt, Sportsgirl socks, Novo shoes, Sportsgirl bag, Vintage belt, glasses from watching 3d movies

Whoopee! I managed to make the first round of finals for the Sportsgirl Superstylist Competition. You can check out this week’s finalists here and check out my entry here :D The entries will be up for voting/viewing until next Tuesday and then a new batch comes!
So I guess i’ll just share with you the rest of my pics in this blog post. It’s a double outfit post again..:P In the outfit above, i am wearing one of my fave vintage finds! A scalloped jacket!!! It came to me in a size 12 but after an intensive altering session on a sewing day with my friend (hello!:)), we managed to get it down to a size 6-8ish :D:D

jrw3uf Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
2lbhnp3 Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
2d7bj90 Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
16o4dv Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers
23u8tgy Summer Sailor, Hat Of Flowers

Bowler hat from China, Vintage floral shirt, Miss Shop shorts, nude tights

Oh, if anyone was wondering, i pulled all the flowers off my bunch of flowers and stuck them onto my hat for this outfit :)
Hope you all have a good weekend! xx
—— 12.10.10 | outfit ——

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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2h7lzwp Teddy Bears Picnic
sgtz6c Teddy Bears Picnic
r0762u Teddy Bears Picnic
2642ybq Teddy Bears Picnic

Vintage boater with DIY ribbon bow, Vintage blouse, Vintage dress from Sunny Sideup, Forever 21 socks, Urban Outfitters pocket boots, Vintage bag, Forever New belt, glasses from watching 3d movies

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mymymymymymymy!! 1000+ followers!! Hello to each and every one of you! There will be a giveaway held soon after the completion/near completion of my end of semester exams :) 
But for now, here’s look 3 of 5 :) One of my faves, featuring one amazing pink bow pinafore dress from Sunny Sideup. I loved this one so much i purchased it! I am suddenly finding it hard to keep up with uni, given the fact that i haven’t started studying for exams which start in just over two weeks! So… please forgive me for this short post! 
For those who were playing along last post, those who guessed the first photo again, were right! Feel free to play along and guess which one i sent in out of this batch, i promise it isn’t the first photo this time :P
Off to study now! Thanks for all being sososo amazing. I’ll tell you what else is amazing? The Aussie dollar which prompted a MASSIVE Forever 21 order on my behalf last weekend. Will show you what i got after the dark and gloomy exam period to come!
Talk soon!<3<3

2s1x56q Teddy Bears Picnic
r29i7c Teddy Bears Picnic
nygzrs Teddy Bears Picnic
260a6mw Teddy Bears Picnic

—— 09.10.10 | outfit ——

Polka Dot Teal

3148hhf Polka Dot Teal
33xahcm Polka Dot Teal
mujxvb Polka Dot Teal
j0bpls Polka Dot Teal
qs8676 Polka Dot Teal
16m812e Polka Dot Teal
8zgo48 Polka Dot Teal

Diva headband, Vintage dress courtesy of Sunny Sideup, Vintage bow pin courtesy of Bluegrass Booty, Vintage bag courtesy of Bluegrass Booty, School socks, Bonbon shoes, glasses from watching 3d movies

This is the second look of five pics that i am entering for the Sportsgirl Superstylist competition. I haven’t actually mentioned to you what the winner wins - basically a $500 Sportsgirl wardrobe and the chance to be a styling assistant on their next shoot. The $500 wardrobe is not so much as enticing as the amazing opportunity on being the stylist’s assistant! You see, i may be studying commerce and law but as you can tell (or i hope you can gather by now) that it would be an absolute dream to grace the fashion industry with my presence :) You know, one day i hope i get there!
In year 12, i had this ‘superb plan’ to study fashion/design/photography at TAFE at night whilst university during the day. My little bubble of happiness was unfortunately popped when my school’s careers teacher informed me that firstly, you cannot enrol in two courses and that secondly, i would die from the workload. I completely agree with her with the second part, though i wish you were allowed to enrol in two courses – i would definitely do commerce/law part time and fashion/design part time :). If only there was a course in Victoria that actually combined a full commerce (with a bit of lawy) degree with fashion!… I guess not! Anyway, it would be an absolute dream to be a stylist and be able to actually love your day job.
You know, (rambling continues on here) now that i think about it, it’s so hard to choose what you want to study. Whilst some people aren’t so sure what they want to do in the future, i am somewhat the complete opposite. I don’t know why i have so many things i want to study or jobs i want to work, but the list goes on and on and i guess it’s almost as bad as not having any idea of what you want to do, as you end up getting yourself confused as to where you want to be! I know that i will be writing very different resumes if i was to go for a clerkship at a law firm as compared to if i was to go for a job at a fashion advertising firm or something hahaha.
Oh and Sunny Sideup, i am in love with your vintage finds. This dress is just too perfect. The collar, the loose, floaty, summery feel.. i know i will be wearing this a little too much. Also a shoutout to Bluegrass Booty, though i am sure you know i love your store too! Anyone looking for a thriftyvintage finds, these two shops are up there in my faves!
Anyway, the theme of the photoshoot was sort of a ‘vintage Spring’. The glasses and flowers will be in every pic! Hope you like this one too! 
PS. I am having the most hectic week this week so sorry for lagging behind the emails/comments/replies. I am working/worked almost 16 hours this weekend, on top of uni, managing my etsy and studying for the up and coming exams but i promise i will get to it soon in the next couple of days!!  I also received some interesting things in the mail which i would love to share with you all but unfortunately i’ll have to wait til i have more free time after my exams – which finish on the 12th of November :)
Thankyou everyone, i just can’t wait until the holidays.. life is intense!

PPS. For the last post, i sent in the first photo – so congrats to those who guessed that one! Anyone want to guess which one of these i entered in?