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I don’t know about you, but i like to shop in bulk. I generally buy a huge bunch of things, kill my bank acc etc, then buy not much until a few months later, where i buy another load of things, kill my bank acc etc, and.. (the cycle continues)
I think i like shopping online more than shopping in store. I don’t know. For one, shopping centres always seem to give me headaches. I also hate crowds and not having to find my size. Now that i think about it, i haven’t been shopping in a shopping centre for a very, very long time. In fact, i didn’t buy a single thing during the end of financial year sales this year. Impressive…hahahahha
Anyway, the point is – a couple of months ago, I was so ever happy to be chosen as one of the ten winners for the Forever 21 Back to School Standout contest on! I was mighty excited to receive my $100 gift voucher and decided to do my hmm once every approximately three month shopping on Forever 21 :) I went a little over the gift voucher however as i decided to get some goodies for my sister too :)

*Boy am i enjoying Compose mode lately..!!*

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So I got myself:
* A pair of sunglasses

* A mustard scarf (keeping for winter next year)
* A pink bow beret (keeping for winter next year): To those in the North Hemisphere who were still interested in bow berets I was wearing during Winter, there are plenty at Forever 21 :)

* A grey floral cardigan
* A navy floral silk top: This one is very lightweight and breezy, i think i will be wearing it a lot this Summer
* A pair of houndstooth shorts

* A pair of khaki cargo pants: I’ve been eye-ing some cargo pants ever since the model i was dressing at the Chadstone VIP Vogue Shows was wearing some for the show. So these really satisfied my cravings haha

* A wine coloured floppy hat:Yes, yes yes!! I don’t know how long it has been since i have been looking for a hat like this but ..finally.
* A black cloche: I wanted one of these for Winter this year but never ended up getting one so yay, one for next Winter :)

* A pair of clogs: I actually purchased these in two sizes. I am a 7.5AU and i wasn’t sure if i would fit the 7 or 8. Turns out, 7 fits me fine, so now i have a spare pair in size 8 left. They are super duper comfy to walk in too :) So if anybody was interested in purchasing the size 8 off me, just shoot me an email at with your location and i’ll give you a shipping quote :) **SORRY, SHOES NOW ON HOLD**

I also got my sister a cute floral print dress, pair of leggings & earrings :) I was scared she wouldn’t like the dress as she sometimes dresses a little tomboy (haha hello sis :P), but she actually loved it. Phew!

A few weeks ago, a friend helped me bid on these lovely shoes on Ebay. They are from Urban Outfitters but since we weren’t planning on a group order, i thought i may as well Ebay them. They are some lovely shoes, however they do run large (in case anyone else was thinking of buying them). I still need to get heel grips for mine!

Source: Urban
So the funny thing was, we ended up doing a group order off Urban Outfitters anyway in the end and I also got this dress :) There was a 20% off code for UO which my friend found, for those who were interested – it is TEENVOGUE and works for all full priced items, ending the end of this month :)

Source: Urban

WHY KANI YOU ARE SUCH A SHOPOHOLIC!! Haha, oh my, i try not to buy too many things/things that i don’t need/wear once and chuck out! Anyway my excuse for today’s post is that i haven’t bought hardly anything (new) since June :)

A list of things i would not mind acquiring in the near future are
*An amazing dream job
*A high-waisted bikini (please, someone, make some?)
*A varsity jacket in maroon or navy
*A double loop scarf
*Vintage buckle brogues
*Swedish Hasbeens…..
*and lastly, thrifting a lot of pretty Summer dresses!

I haven’t got any outfits to share right now, been studying for exams next week and completing that 2800 word law assignment. So hope you enjoyed this post! I don’t normally do these posts often as, i simply have nothing new to share :P So let me know if you would like to see more of this/non-outfit things.
And also, i’m interested: Do you buy 378524 things all at once then lay off the shops for a good few months, or do you have a chronic shopping itch?
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