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Forever 21 floppy hat, vintage dress via Sunny Sideup, Forever New belt, Forever 21 white ankle socks and vintage ankle boots

Alright, I have posted this today. But i really took the photos & wrote this yesterday, though i didn’t wear this outfit out yesterday, i wore it to uni on the day before… hahaha. Oh that’s sort of intensifying. The reason why i didn’t get a chance to take photos on thursday was because after uni, i had to rush home and change into my work uniform so that i could go to work. Nevertheless. This is what i wore to my last day of university classes for 2010 :D:D:D
When i took these photos (yesterday) it was so so so beautiful! A 29 degree day though it did get rather windy in the afternoon. But i just love weather like this and i love even more, the balmy nights that follow such beautiful days. There has been a sudden burst of blooming flowers in my front garden as well and i couldn’t help but snap some photos of these lovely little ones. I think they would look absolutely amazing as a flowery wreath to wear around your head for a garden wedding but alas, i am not attending a garden wedding or any wedding to warrant such a necessity.
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This is the wine coloured floppy hat i got from Forever 21 and although it’s part of their winter items, i think i will be wearing this as often i can this coming summer. Absolutely amazing it is. It just happens to flop in all the right places hahahaha.
The dress is from the lovely people at Sunny Sideup Closet and it is the most beautiful khaki/grey colour. I love it and i especially love the ruffled collar and bows on it!
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On Thursday i handed in my last assignment for the semester, a 2800 word report, sort of horrifying to write as i have never written something so long. Exams start the coming week so i’ll be spending most of the coming days engrossed in my beautiful picture-free law textbooks, pretty interesting marketing textbook and absolutely blandblandbland black and white accounting textbook (urghh, i don’t know why i thought it would be sane to do another semester of accounting).

OH one of my Lookbook photos were spotted as the profile pic of Lookbook’s facebook page which was absolutely amazing..!! I’d like to make clear that i don’t wear 3d glasses with the lens popped out around the street and they were merely used as a prop for the Sportsgirl styling comp i entered into, to make the photos have a theme/link/fun vintage times :P

I’ll try keep in touch during the exams, but updates will defs be way less often. When i’m done with uni for the year, i have some exciting things planned for my Etsy store and of course, a lovely giveaway too.
Over and out!
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