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Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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Vintage boater with DIY ribbon bow, Vintage blouse, Vintage dress from Sunny Sideup, Forever 21 socks, Urban Outfitters pocket boots, Vintage bag, Forever New belt, glasses from watching 3d movies

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mymymymymymymy!! 1000+ followers!! Hello to each and every one of you! There will be a giveaway held soon after the completion/near completion of my end of semester exams :) 
But for now, here’s look 3 of 5 :) One of my faves, featuring one amazing pink bow pinafore dress from Sunny Sideup. I loved this one so much i purchased it! I am suddenly finding it hard to keep up with uni, given the fact that i haven’t started studying for exams which start in just over two weeks! So… please forgive me for this short post! 
For those who were playing along last post, those who guessed the first photo again, were right! Feel free to play along and guess which one i sent in out of this batch, i promise it isn’t the first photo this time :P
Off to study now! Thanks for all being sososo amazing. I’ll tell you what else is amazing? The Aussie dollar which prompted a MASSIVE Forever 21 order on my behalf last weekend. Will show you what i got after the dark and gloomy exam period to come!
Talk soon!<3<3

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