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Vintage Florals and Lace

2hy9a46 Vintage Florals and Lace
2ag3fiu Vintage Florals and Lace
rvjcly Vintage Florals and Lace
4rulpk Vintage Florals and Lace
2moo29v Vintage Florals and Lace
Headband handmade, Cotton On lace singlet, Vintage floral skirt, Diva bracelets & necklaces, Forever 21 ring 
With the warmer weather finally heading this way (aside from the thunderstorms for the rest of this week), i’ve finally managed to unearth all my summer clothing. I am a big fan of floaty vintage dresses, platform wedges (with socks!), lace everything, bows and hats. So i guess this is what i will be wearing this Summer. Also on my list are some blazers but right now all the ones i own feel too big for me.

I took these photos the day i took photos for my store listings, after a long day of finishing, tagging, photographying & editing my new items, i finally got the chance to take an outfit pic too – hence the sunset glow – it was getting late!

2hwny1d Vintage Florals and Lace

The headband i am wearing is one of the first ones i’ve ever made. It is very similar to the Eva headband in my store right now and also one of my favourite designs. I am completely in love with anything bow adorned and also luxurious creamy neutral colours like champagne and muted pinks.

zjdn9u Vintage Florals and Lace
I am actually wearing two necklaces here, they are layed upon each other and both are up there in my favourites :) 
For those who haven’t yet entered, this week you can win any item of your choice from my Etsy store – You can enter here or on my Facebook page, or both :) Good luck ! <3

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K Is for Kani 1000 Followers Giveaway

25qdhmb K Is for Kani 1000 Followers Giveaway

I am so happy to announce the K is for KANI BLOG 1000 followers giveaway today. I know i am over 200 followers overdue with this giveaway but it’s here now and that’s all that matters :) I am truly grateful and appreciative of all of my blog readers and i’ll tell you the truth, eleven months ago when i first started blogging i never ever thought that my blog would grow so fast!
To mark this lovely occasion and to celebrate and thank each and every one of you for following K is for KANI, my Etsy store will be joining in and celebrating the festivities with us <3

KANI on Etsy is an independent online boutique based in Australia founded September 2010. KANI stocks beautiful, handcrafted headbands and other accessories. We take pride and passion in offering a made-with-love experience, with items personally designed and created by hand to the highest standards.
All things KANI are limited edition (if not one off) and handmade and it is this which makes them so special. Products are created using only the finest materials and the extensive time, love and attention that is devoted into producing each and every KANI item is second to none. Just one glance will have you see the meticulous attention and personal touch that has gone into each individual design. 
At KANI, we love supporting eco-friendly living. Environmental sustainability cannot be combated by a one-man team however we we take every effort to minimise our impact. We love upcycling, using vintage embellishments and paper over plastic wherever possible.
KANI designs are elegant, whimsical and vintage inspired. We are constantly inspired by the world around us. Balmy summer nights, your mother’s wardrobes, real life dreams, sentimentality, 99 red balloons, midnight snacks and pocketfuls of confetti. It is the things around us that inspire our creativity and it is our love for creating that inspires our store.
In store right now we have a lovely range of headbands:

And also hair clips and pins :)

Today, you can win any item of your choice from kisforkani.etsy.com.


Visit KANI on Etsy to pick out which item you would like to win.

ONE ENTRY: Comment on this post with a contact email + the name of the item you would like to win and why.

ONE ENTRY/BONUS ENTRY: visit my Facebook Page and comment on the GIVEAWAY status with a contact email + the name of the item you would like to win and why. (Can be same item or different one)

Entries close next Saturday the 4th, 8pm EST (Melbourne time) and is open to both Australian and international readers and one lucky winner will be drawn out. (If the item chosen is no longer in stock – the winner will have to make a second choice)

Good luck everyone!!!
Much love, Kani

a9vak5 K Is for Kani 1000 Followers Giveaway
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Clown Collars

2gud54w Clown Collars
1hwmxf Clown Collars
2vvs5s3 Clown Collars
2h5spba Clown Collars
2mwhsn Clown Collars
ve3eie Clown Collars
9bj2a9 Clown Collars
24yp9uo Clown Collars
Headband handmade by Kani (in store here), Vintage oversize shirt worn as dress courtesy of Milk, Vintage velvet lace cardigan courtesy of Milk, Vintage bag & belt, ASOS tights, Sportsgirl socks, Nine West boots

I think i am spending too much time working and too less time enjoying my holiday. Have done almost nothing exciting to report back. Except I did go to Sofias to enjoy their avocado seafood salad – man that is the most amazing salad i have ever tried and everyone should give it a go! I’ve listed 15+ new items on KisforKANI.etsy.com in the last couple of days. And i’ve also decided to keep one of them for myself :) It is not the one in the outfit photo above, but another one of the same style, but made out of the fabric of Ziggy.I really couldn’t decide between the two but in the end went for the other one because it had more green shades in it. 
ANYWAY. Today Chadstone is having one of their VIP Shopping days and i might just go have a peek. After i do the laundry. After i clean my room. And after i unearth my summer clothing.
Oh and about the outfit. This collar is breathtaking!!