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A Pastel Spring

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Forever 21 cloche and jumper, Vintage cardigan, Diva necklace, Tokito skirt, Vintage bag, Asian store tights, School socks & Nine West Boots

Hello :)
I’ve only got one exam left before i am officially on summer break. I’m going to go out to study for a bit and this is what i plan to wear (minus the boots since all i will be doing is studying :P). Anyway i am just here to show you these boots which i scored from the Chic Rewards program on Chictopia.com. 
They are from Nine West (America) and i woke up at 5.50AM in the morning to fight for them hahaha. Actually, i never really took notice of the Chic Rewards on Chictopia since joining as i was always completely crap at bidding for auctions. I like to snipe for auctions but most of the time i fail as i calculate the end time wrong and go on the computer at the wrong time or i get ready to snipe but i try too hard and snipe too late haha OR there was this time where i was ready to snipe then my computer lagged out and nooo these pair of vintage boots did not become mine :( 
So anyway, basically with the Chic Rewards you have to be the first one to click redeem once it is released for redemption and i had my tactics all sorted out HAHAHA I had my laptop as back up open in case my computer froze and i woke up ten minutes earlier in case my clock was slow. And yay! They are now mine :D They retail for about $129US on the Nine West webbie and they are the most expensive pair of shoes i own, even though i didn’t ‘pay’ for them. I am a poor, poor student hahaha.
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