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Clown Collars

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Headband handmade by Kani (in store here), Vintage oversize shirt worn as dress courtesy of Milk, Vintage velvet lace cardigan courtesy of Milk, Vintage bag & belt, ASOS tights, Sportsgirl socks, Nine West boots

I think i am spending too much time working and too less time enjoying my holiday. Have done almost nothing exciting to report back. Except I did go to Sofias to enjoy their avocado seafood salad – man that is the most amazing salad i have ever tried and everyone should give it a go! I’ve listed 15+ new items on in the last couple of days. And i’ve also decided to keep one of them for myself :) It is not the one in the outfit photo above, but another one of the same style, but made out of the fabric of Ziggy.I really couldn’t decide between the two but in the end went for the other one because it had more green shades in it. 
ANYWAY. Today Chadstone is having one of their VIP Shopping days and i might just go have a peek. After i do the laundry. After i clean my room. And after i unearth my summer clothing.
Oh and about the outfit. This collar is breathtaking!!
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