—— 18.11.10 | outfit ——

Velvet & Sheers

swvk9g Velvet & Sheers
167v3gp Velvet & Sheers
2duxdnc Velvet & Sheers
vovm2c Velvet & Sheers
2h2i6tk Velvet & Sheers
Vintage boater & cardigan courtesy of Milk, Vintage blouse, ASOS bow belt, Miss Shop shorts, Urban Outfitters platform wedges
Wearing thick socks is a temporary solution to shoes that don’t fit. These lovely wedges from Urban Outfitters run big so if anyone is thinking of buying the same shoes, this pair of size 7′s fit like a size 8. I’m a 7.5 and i am still needing to get some heel grips. That said, wearing thick socks does combat the problem for now. 
Sheryl from Milk has embarrassed me completely in letting me know that her November’s batch of vintage clothing in her store was inspired by my style! She’s sourced some lovely vintage floral prints and dresses and has also kindly sent me some Milk goodies to play around with! *Celebrates* The items came to me as surprises – i had no idea what was going to come my way but guess what, she’s gotten my style.. spot on.

Something that i am really loving this season is velvet actually. Over the last three months, i’ve thrifted myself a good 2-3 velvet pieces, you’ll see them on my blog soon! This cardigan is made out of a sheer silky material, with velvet florals all over it, i just feel like drooling but yeah i won’t. :) Sorry you won’t be seeing this in the store since its one off :D, it’s minemineminemine! But if you’re interested in some more vintage goodies from Milk, you can check it out here.
These are my personal faves: here, here & here. Oh and she also did a little feature on K is for KANI  here.
35cndcx Velvet & Sheers
Oh PS. I’m a sucker for cute packaging….
npks94 Velvet & Sheers
And beautiful flowers which reminded me of this cute packaging hahaha
f4kacn Velvet & Sheers
—— 16.11.10 | outfit ——


107vy2c Wallflower
mcrrex Wallflower
bevnfq Wallflower
4h4kxy Wallflower
xpcz1f Wallflower
28srf4z Wallflower
2hz60xj Wallflower
x0o60z Wallflower

Vintage blouse, Vintage cardigan, Vintage dress via Sunny Sideup Closet, Forever New belt, Columbine tights, Novo heels

GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY!! I’m on my 3.5 month break yay!! My holiday actually started on Saturday, after finishing my last exam on Friday. However, I haven’t been able to post anything as i’ve just been flat out doing the most random ‘administrative’ tasks such as wiping the dust off my dressing table, putting away my winter clothes (finally made room for them at the top of my wardrobe), doing some long awaited hand washing, straightening my shoe rack, shopping for groceries, working my part time job, dropping my work locker key down the escalator and having to buy another one, ordering supplies and just.. not blogging!
The weather has turned out to be quite lovely today and i am so excited to see Summer arrive :) I’ve been sourcing some beautiful fabrics for my headbands and have so much new stock to put into the shop (i know, i’ve been neglecting it for a little too long!) 
A giveaway will be coming soon (i know i say that a lot, but i’ve just been so busy and haven’t had time to sit down and organise it yet..!), as will many summery outfits and tales of my adventures of Summer 10/11.
PS. Backtracking, a photo i took of my outfit to uni, about a month ago when the weather was still pretty chilly. I LOVE PASTELS :)
—— 08.11.10 | outfit ——

Peter Pan Striped Tunic

aavzuq Peter Pan Striped Tunic
33xbt43 Peter Pan Striped Tunic
10omj2h Peter Pan Striped Tunic
2dt2o20 Peter Pan Striped Tunic
2ppyal3 Peter Pan Striped Tunic
25tfa8j Peter Pan Striped Tunic

Vintage cropped jacket, Urban Outfitters dress, Vintage bag, Ebay tights, Topshop socks, Forever 21 Clogs, Bracelet bought overseas

Just back-tracking a couple of outfits, since i’ve been spending the past week either at work or at home studying. I wore this to my marketing exam (minus the heels :P).
This is how this peter pan collar dress sits on me, it’s a little short (the shortest dress i own) but i guess it’s still wearable. I actually really like it and can’t wait to wear it this Summer :) It’s actually a ‘tunic’ now that i think about it, though i guess shorter people can pass it off as a dress.

nc1tl1 Peter Pan Striped Tunic

These are the clogs bought from Forever 21 which i also love very much :) The soles are a little slippery but what i do with shoes with slippery soles (and you can do too :D) is to sorta swivel about in them on concrete to roughen them up a bit! Works a treat for me, probably not good in the long run durability for the shoe though. You could always get them soled with rubber too!
Off to study now, will be back later this week to share with you some lovely goodies i received in the mail today! x

A couple of P.S.’s
1. Made a new header for my blog and logo for my Etsy store, hope you all like it :)
2. Two posts ago i wrote about having no where to put my pile of jumpers, sorry i didn’t mean to imply that i wanted to sell them! If i did sell them i wouldn’t have any woollens left for Winter :P

ohlbw8 Peter Pan Striped Tunic