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Vintage boater & cardigan courtesy of Milk, Vintage blouse, ASOS bow belt, Miss Shop shorts, Urban Outfitters platform wedges
Wearing thick socks is a temporary solution to shoes that don’t fit. These lovely wedges from Urban Outfitters run big so if anyone is thinking of buying the same shoes, this pair of size 7′s fit like a size 8. I’m a 7.5 and i am still needing to get some heel grips. That said, wearing thick socks does combat the problem for now. 
Sheryl from Milk has embarrassed me completely in letting me know that her November’s batch of vintage clothing in her store was inspired by my style! She’s sourced some lovely vintage floral prints and dresses and has also kindly sent me some Milk goodies to play around with! *Celebrates* The items came to me as surprises – i had no idea what was going to come my way but guess what, she’s gotten my style.. spot on.

Something that i am really loving this season is velvet actually. Over the last three months, i’ve thrifted myself a good 2-3 velvet pieces, you’ll see them on my blog soon! This cardigan is made out of a sheer silky material, with velvet florals all over it, i just feel like drooling but yeah i won’t. :) Sorry you won’t be seeing this in the store since its one off :D, it’s minemineminemine! But if you’re interested in some more vintage goodies from Milk, you can check it out here.
These are my personal faves: here, here & here. Oh and she also did a little feature on K is for KANI  here.
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Oh PS. I’m a sucker for cute packaging….
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And beautiful flowers which reminded me of this cute packaging hahaha
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