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Vintage Florals and Lace

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Headband handmade, Cotton On lace singlet, Vintage floral skirt, Diva bracelets & necklaces, Forever 21 ring 
With the warmer weather finally heading this way (aside from the thunderstorms for the rest of this week), i’ve finally managed to unearth all my summer clothing. I am a big fan of floaty vintage dresses, platform wedges (with socks!), lace everything, bows and hats. So i guess this is what i will be wearing this Summer. Also on my list are some blazers but right now all the ones i own feel too big for me.

I took these photos the day i took photos for my store listings, after a long day of finishing, tagging, photographying & editing my new items, i finally got the chance to take an outfit pic too – hence the sunset glow – it was getting late!

2hwny1d Vintage Florals and Lace

The headband i am wearing is one of the first ones i’ve ever made. It is very similar to the Eva headband in my store right now and also one of my favourite designs. I am completely in love with anything bow adorned and also luxurious creamy neutral colours like champagne and muted pinks.

zjdn9u Vintage Florals and Lace
I am actually wearing two necklaces here, they are layed upon each other and both are up there in my favourites :) 
For those who haven’t yet entered, this week you can win any item of your choice from my Etsy store – You can enter here or on my Facebook page, or both :) Good luck ! <3

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