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Vintage blouse, Vintage cardigan, Vintage dress via Sunny Sideup Closet, Forever New belt, Columbine tights, Novo heels

GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY!! I’m on my 3.5 month break yay!! My holiday actually started on Saturday, after finishing my last exam on Friday. However, I haven’t been able to post anything as i’ve just been flat out doing the most random ‘administrative’ tasks such as wiping the dust off my dressing table, putting away my winter clothes (finally made room for them at the top of my wardrobe), doing some long awaited hand washing, straightening my shoe rack, shopping for groceries, working my part time job, dropping my work locker key down the escalator and having to buy another one, ordering supplies and just.. not blogging!
The weather has turned out to be quite lovely today and i am so excited to see Summer arrive :) I’ve been sourcing some beautiful fabrics for my headbands and have so much new stock to put into the shop (i know, i’ve been neglecting it for a little too long!) 
A giveaway will be coming soon (i know i say that a lot, but i’ve just been so busy and haven’t had time to sit down and organise it yet..!), as will many summery outfits and tales of my adventures of Summer 10/11.
PS. Backtracking, a photo i took of my outfit to uni, about a month ago when the weather was still pretty chilly. I LOVE PASTELS :)
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