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Oh it has definitely been a busy week – this happened quite a few days ago and i still haven’t had time to post it! Last week it was Tom’s 20th birthday. He had work in the morning so i came over to his house in the afternoon to celebrate with him :) This is what i wore:
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Vintage blazer, dress c/o ClubCouture,, Forever New belt, no name socks and Novo tan wedges

This is my favourite blazer and probably the only one that is not oversized and actually fits me perfectly. It’s actually from my mum (no wonder it fits so perfect) and when she gave it to me i found a 1990 metcard from when she used to wear it! Ever since discovering the metcard actually, i’ve been somewhat into vintage ephemera and would really like to start collecting vintage postcards, magazines, tickets, stamps and the like.
For Tom’s birthday i decided to make little decorated cupcakes with the help of my little sister who is like my baking teacher :P Here are a few photos of the journey from ingredients to completion. We used the recipe from the Australian Women’s Weekly ‘COOK’ which ended up being delicious.

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Cupcake decorating ideas and decorating things :)

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Mixing and adding ingredients
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We actually altered the recipe a bit and made a batch of timtam cupcakes where we mixed in big chunks of timtams – it tasted delicious.. do try it out too!
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Baking the cupcakes :)
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Decorating with sprinkles and pink frosting (Tom’s favourite colour is pink hahaha)
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Finished cupcakes!
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Tom likes Toy Story (lol~) so i got him the Toy Story Triology DVD and also a box of Toy Story chocolates which are really meant to be for kids..

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Meet my boyfriend :) Although i have only just intro-ed him to you all, we have been together for a while :):)

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These macaroons were delicious! But extremely sweet.. i ate three and felt quite sick afterwards

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Mango cut from heart shaped cookie cutters
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Anyway i hope you all had a lovely Christmas and i hope to blog again soon :) Also, from your feedback, i’ve decided to open up a separate blog shop to sell some of my clothes (a lot being vintage and very special!) and hope to have it set up in the next month or two.

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