Floral Wreaths and Charcoal Jeans

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Floral wreath: coming soon to Kani, Vintage navy polka dot blouse, Dotti singlet, Supre jeans and ASOS buckle wedges

Yes you are not dreaming. I am wearing jeans.. hahaha. They are actually one of my favourite pairs of jeans and i’ve had them for almost four years! I wanted to buy another pair to replace them as they are getting a bit old but i don’t know why, the new ones they have out don’t fit the same! Or maybe i just need to wear them in.
Anyway i made this floral wreath this morning and i will be making plenty of these in a new range coming into my Etsy store very soon haha. It is very Woodland/fairy sort of inspired and something i’ve been dying to try out for ages but only just recently managed to spend up on supplies for it :) I have found myself some absolutely amazing flowers and can’t wait to show you what they all look like! This one’s not completely finished and i only have flowers along the front at the moment but i am so excited in making this range!

I bought these shoes off ASOS a couple of weeks ago and they are amazing.  They go past the ankle in real life but in these photos i have my jeans over the top..:P Being a half-size in shoes (7.5 to be exact) i never know if i am a 7 or an 8 so i purchased two pairs of these shoes. UK 5 (AU 7) and UK 6 (AU 8). Turns out i am more of a UK 5 than a UK 6 (though i measured and i swear there is only 3 mm difference between the two) so i am now stuck with a new in box pair of UK 6’s of the same style. They are these ones on ASOS and if any Aussies (sorry, posting to Australia only for these) are interested in purchasing them off me, please email me at kisforkani(at)gmail.com to let me know, i really don’t need a second pair and i would suggest them for a 8-8.5 fit but do check the website to be sure :)

PS. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here. It closes tomorrow!

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