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Forever 21 hat, Sheer velvet vintage cardigan c/o Milk, Cape-like knit top from my mother, Forever 21 shorts, no name heart pattern tights, ASOS black buckle wedges

Urghh! It’s been a busy week! I’ve done five shifts at work this week and next week is going to be just the same. On monday Tom (the bfriend) and i attempted to drive down to a park we had in mind but instead got lost because of a road block and ended up at an even more beautiful and massive plot of parkland. There was so much grass and emptiness which i just love and i couldn’t help but take photos. I brought some extra sushi with me and we planned to have a picnic except a dog came and slobbered all over the glad wrap the sushi was wrapped in..ew.
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Anyway i have work again today so this is just a quick post of what i’ve been up to, talk soon! <3 Will try to rely to your questions/comments in the last post soon, i never seen to have enough time anymore!

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