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At the moment i am currently working on expanding the KANI inventory :) I have pages and pages of a notebook filled with different designs i would like to create and here are some that i made so far.
I’ve created a new range of hair accessories which are very woodland inspired. These are all things i would love to wear running through the forest (if there were any in suburban Melbourne), having picnics in tents and toasting marshmellows at night. I’ve also made some rabbit-ear inspired twist tie headbands as well as more headbands out of vintage material which i have come across.
The Jessica & her bird headband seems to sell out frequently so i have relisted another one and will also relist some more bow headbands later this weekend.

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Lastly, i have listed one Pokeball pencil case too. They are an upgraded version of the ones i used to make using felt. These ones are made out of cotton and are also lined with cotton inside with the same colours :) Of course, if you are interested in a felt version i can make one for you too :)
I’m also low on funds and am thinking of selling some of my vintage bags and clothing which i seem to have quite a collection of. Not sure if i should Ebay them off or just sell them through my blog/separate blog though – any thoughts would be appreciated! <3

PS. There is also a 10% off coupon code available on Just enter ‘MERRYXMAS‘ in the coupon section at checkout and it will automatically take 10% off your order :) It’s for a limited time only! 

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