—— 11.12.10 | outfit ——


At the moment i am currently working on expanding the KANI inventory :) I have pages and pages of a notebook filled with different designs i would like to create and here are some that i made so far.
I’ve created a new range of hair accessories which are very woodland inspired. These are all things i would love to wear running through the forest (if there were any in suburban Melbourne), having picnics in tents and toasting marshmellows at night. I’ve also made some rabbit-ear inspired twist tie headbands as well as more headbands out of vintage material which i have come across.
The Jessica & her bird headband seems to sell out frequently so i have relisted another one and will also relist some more bow headbands later this weekend.

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9v866h New

2j65noj New
Lastly, i have listed one Pokeball pencil case too. They are an upgraded version of the ones i used to make using felt. These ones are made out of cotton and are also lined with cotton inside with the same colours :) Of course, if you are interested in a felt version i can make one for you too :)
I’m also low on funds and am thinking of selling some of my vintage bags and clothing which i seem to have quite a collection of. Not sure if i should Ebay them off or just sell them through my blog/separate blog though – any thoughts would be appreciated! <3

PS. There is also a 10% off coupon code available on Kisforkani.etsy.com. Just enter ‘MERRYXMAS‘ in the coupon section at checkout and it will automatically take 10% off your order :) It’s for a limited time only! 

—— 07.12.10 | outfit ——

Peter Rabbit and the Fairies

10fvlzs Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
34pzall Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
mt5pgo Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
d5ok0 Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
21ovqz9 Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
15cj04z Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
33yta1u Peter Rabbit and the Fairies
Little Peter headband by Kani [available here], Gifted ClubCouture dress, ASOS bow belt, DIY lace sewn onto white socks, Urban Outfitters Wedges
Despite the sunshine, today was extremely windy. Sun + wind are both horrible for photography, but with all the rain and thunder Melbourne has been getting lately, there wasn’t much hope for another outfit photo opportunity for a while. 
I was wearing this dress/belt indoors this morning whilst working at the sewing machine making some very fun bunny ear inspired twist headbands and hence, the inspiration for this outfit! It was gifted to me by ClubCouture, a lovely label who produces many beautiful limited edition items :) I think it makes me feel like i’m flying with fairies as it has the most ethereal looking print and lovely floaty ruffles which unlovingly flew in my face in today’s hurricane of a day haha.

PS. This special code CCBLOG15 can get you 15% off ClubCouture :D

35d5grr Peter Rabbit and the Fairies

—— 05.12.10 | outfit ——

Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim

2i8dglt Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim
v8jwn5 Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim
2yy4j2r Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim
2nkrkef Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim
2zeyxqs Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim
nywocl Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim
 Floral wreath: Kani (in store soon), scalloped cape like knit top from China, Supre shorts, jewellery from Diva/China


My mother got this top from China. It is amazing in so many ways. It has scallop hems. It has a batwing cape shape. And it is knitted with beautiful pointelle (?) sort of knitting – you know what i mean..! The shorts are actually my sister’s. She bought them from Supre the other day and i decided to borrow them as they are really comfy! :)
Nothing much to say except that i spent most of my weekend at work or watching the Big Bang Theory. Oh! And i have finished my floral wreath from my last post :) Here is what it looks like. I am most likely keeping this one as i just can’t bear to part with it but will definitely make a few for the store <3
Will be having a quiet week this week, have lots of crafty things planned. Next week however, i will be venturing into the crazy rosters that come with Christmas & retail!! Also, my uncle & aunty from Singapore will be coming to visit soon – i’m so excited, they are so fun!
Also, the winner of my 1000 followers giveaway was announced on my Facebook Page yesterday and it is Vanessa Ng. As there were so many entries, i also announced a second winner, Marloes :) Congrats to you both and also thankyou everyone for entering. It was extremely fun reading everyone’s entries and thankyou all for the kind words <3
Much love to you all & next post i will be showing you a verrrrry pretty dress that has come in the mail :)

5oz8z5 Scallop Hems, Cape Knits, Distressed Denim