—— 29.01.11 | outfit ——


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Diva necklace worn as hair chain, vintage top, Disney for Diva pumpkin carriage bracelet, Maxi skirt c/o Robot Ninjas, ASOS bow belt, Novo tan wedges & vintage bag
This week:
1. Almost went to the St Kilda night market, until we found out it wasn’t open this summer, extremely sad to hear :( Apparently they couldn’t obtain a lease/policy agreement with the council.
2. Booked tickets to the Gold Coast for five days. There goes all the money i made at work this Summer! 
3. Bought a leopard print cape and a beautiful dress i bought came in the mail – will share soon!
4. I listed some of my vintage on Ebay here, they are ending on Sunday night so be sure to take a peek :)
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About my maxi skirt: 
I am not kidding when i say this but, i feel tall in this maxi skirt. And i am not tall, by the way. 160cm to be exact. But there’s just something about this paper bag waist and stretchy jersey like fabric that makes the design slimming. Whatever it was, i’ve been lounging in it both at home and in public quite a few days this week. 

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I just made myself a flickr account and used flickr to upload my photos for this post as i just found out that Tinypic makes my photos pixelated! My computer screen is somewhat retarded so i can’t really tell, well to be honest everything on my screen looks a tiny bit pixelated to some degree so i didn’t think much of it. But now i see it, and it’s annoying me so i’m trialling some different photo sharing sites and right now i can’t choose between flickr and photobucket. Please let me know if you’ve got an opinion on either :)
So i’ll be soaking in the hopefully existent sun in the Gold Coast for the majority of this week. My sister is officially in charge of Vintage with Kani & Kani whilst i am absent. I will have minimal internet connection or in other words, no blogging at all. However, you can follow me on Twitter here, i’ll most likely be tweeting. In fact, this week is going to be hectic. Because i just realised that it’s my birthday and chinese new year. Expect photo diarrhea upon my return :)
Enjoy your week everyone – wherever you are around the world <3
Much love, 

PS! If anyone has any suggestions on places to go/shop/visit/see/eat near Surfers Paradise, please lemme know in the comments – much appreciated!

—— 25.01.11 | outfit ——

Press Features

I haven’t posted about features and press in a long time now, so it’s about time i update us all on the lovely and ever so exciting places K is for KANI has been! I just wanted to say before i start, that it is so amazing to see the positive response to a blog that once had no followers and readers (yes, once a upon a time i had no followers at all!). It is pretty much unbelievable that my favourite bloggers (hello typhanie!) have given this blog shout outs and stores i drool over have featured me on their blog. So, let’s begin!
ModCloth Blog: Julie from ModCloth featured one of my favourite vintage finds, this carnival coloured jumper/cardigan on the ModCloth blog.
2hzkg83 Press Features

DameJolie: The lovely Gracie from DameJolie featured me wearing the DameJolie goldie leaf dress on both her homepage and fashbash flyers.

1pv0jt Press Features

New York Mag: A lovely reader brought my attention to a photo of me in New York mag’s 17th volume of Best of the Style Blogs. Rhiannon from Liebemarlene Vintage & Betty from Le Blog de Betty were in this slideshow too so i was pretty much jumping all over the moon when i found out i was here too!

2cp49bk Press Features 

Forever 21 Blog – The Skinny: Allie from the Forever 21 featured my neutrals outfit on The Skinny’s new ‘Fashion Face Off’ feature, alongside the beautiful Hope from Pansy Lane :) I was wearing a wine coloured hat and some shorts from Forever 21. See here for more!

2i6coip Press Features

Absolutely Fabulous: Alina from Absolutely Fabulous, a Romanian magazine issued in conjunction with the Absolutely Favulous Fashion and Vintage Fair, interviewed me for their second issue of the mag. I had no idea there would be a whole double page spread dedicated to my blog and was so surprised when i saw it! The entire magazine is in the local language so if there’s any readers from Romania, enjoy :)
4hqdck Press Features
e0r7fm Press Features

Her World magazine: Chrystal from Singapore’s #1 women’s magazine, Her World, featured my vintage dress on an online feature about vintage fashion trends. I’m pictured alongside Megan from  Another Day to Dress Up and Diya from In Her Stilettos, both very popular fashion bloggers so i’m so thrilled to be mentioned!
r94rbd Press Features

The ever so sweet Amanda from the Upside of Wonder featured me as December’s blogger of the month. You can check out the interview here and thankyou, Amanda, for featuring K is for Kani!
2poo3lu Press Features
I was also interviewed on French blog Slanelle Style here, who may i add, has beautiful outfit posts! I think i will always have an obsession with all things French and was so excited to see my words translated into french, i wish i could speak the language!
35bfuae Press Features

Lettie sent me these two beautiful artworks of hers. Thankyou so very much Lettie!

zn3mvb Press Features

A drawing of me by Dana – it’s so cute that there are flowers and hearts in my name by the way :):)

14nis2h Press Features

Also, i did an interview with Fresh Fashion Faces here, the lovely Santa from Strawberry Electric kindly featured me on her blog here, and Temi from Diary of a Short Girl featured me here! Urghh i feel like this is a total verbal diarrhea, but i haven’t done one of these posts for at least half a year so no wonder i have so much to say!

There are a couple of exciting collaborations coming up, as well as some exciting giveaways as well. What can you win? Well for one, there’s going to be scallops and leather. I’m also working on some other projects in promoting Vintage with Kani so you might also expect some fun in the sun vintage!
February will be the last month of my summer break before i head back to uni – i will be in second year this year. And! My birthday is in early february too :) Thankyou everyone for your support and love for K is for KANI, you’ve got me beaming so massively seeing all these kind words. I try to reply to most of your lovely messages but sometimes it gets extremely hard and time consuming and i simply don’t have enough hours or spare time in the day. Hope you understand and know that i appreciate each and every comment and message i receive on my blog, lookbook, chictopia, etc! Much love from Australia and happy tuesday!
—— 19.01.11 | outfit ——

My Fairy Dress

1zlzzw6 My Fairy Dress
2pu0748 My Fairy Dress
2ahwh10 My Fairy Dress
1zqvm09 My Fairy Dress
2qjkco3 My Fairy Dress
t4ybmt My Fairy Dress
33x81hg My Fairy Dress
Kani ivy hair wreath, dress c/o ClubCouture, vintage bag and ASOS buckle wedges.
Saving my favourite ClubCouture dress for last. A few of you have emailed me asking if my previous dresses were still in stock, so i’ve decided to help you find this dress on their site, just in case anyone was interested in getting their own :) The black version is here. I call it my fairy dress because it just has the most whimsical looking pleats all over and the swing shape makes me feel like i’m in some secret garden hanging out with little fairies. There used to be a white and pink version (i have the pink one) but looks like they are gone, but i did find a look-a-like to my UO dress here! And ‘CCBLOG15‘ gets you 15% off your order :)

2q9anw3 My Fairy Dress

So one week of absentia. Where have i been? I really don’t know. Well for a first, Vintage with Kani received a quite a few orders during it’s first week so i’ve pretty much been hanging out at the post office every day. It’s very sad to see all my lovely vintage clothing be sent off to new homes, but i’m glad they will be going somewhere where they will be loved! 

As always, been hanging out at work too. My shifts are slowly dying down.. Had three last week, and three this week, though am getting four next week?! Also, our university timetabling system opened recently, and i have been spending quite a few un-fun hours trying to decide on what subjects i want to do. With my commerce/law (they really call it ‘laws’ it sounds so strange though!), we’re are supposed to overload this semester and do five subjects instead of four. Trying to battle with my mind right now to convince myself i can do it.. but i don’t know!

8vunuo My Fairy Dress

Spent a saturday night out with some family friends for dinner, wearing my little peter pan dress. Had some delicious icecream (haha) and average asian food. 

2z7log2 My Fairy Dress

My sister loves baking and filled my whole dslr sd card with photos of her baking.

xopo61 My Fairy Dress
502u8i My Fairy Dress
2airdj9 My Fairy Dress
Also, fun-est news to last. Kani, my etsy store, has been updated :) Brought in a bunch of lovely bow headbands made out of quirky vintage-inspired fabrics. Also, lots of woodlands inspired things as well. I must say that listing and making items is much more time consuming than it looks. I spent a whole night listing twelve items. Thinking of names and descriptions can be tough so i hope i did make sense with the stories i was writing about each of my headbands. You can be sure that i love each and one of them and hope you will too :) and for anyone that’s interested, i can combine shipping for my etsy items & vintage ones!