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Kani headband (coming in store soon), Heritage 1981 dress, ASOS belt, vintage cardigan, vintage bag, Forever 21 socks & Urban Outfitters brogues.
In contrast to my previous black and white outfit post, here is a much more colourful outfit of mine :) This was taken a couple of weeks ago actually – i haven’t been able to post any of my latest outfits as the weather in melbourne is really horrible right now. It’s been raining the entire week (though not as bad as queensland) so i’ve just spent it at home organising stock for Vintage with Kani and reading Frankie.
I’ve received some lovely things in the mail, including this maxi skirt from The Robot Ninjas which is the most flattering maxi skirt i have ever owned. I’m actually wearing it right now because it is just so comfortable and you won’t believe it.. i feel really tall in it too!! So if you’re looking to give the maxi trend a go.. you won’t regret this one. 
Also, i finally found high waisted bathers for $20 a piece on sale! They are from Hayden-Harnett, i bought the red and kaleidoscope ones. They finally arrived in the mail today, i must say i was very disappointed when they did not even knock on the door to give it to me (i was at home..!), even though i paid an extra $3.50 for signature confirmation, grr. Anyway, i love them and would probs suggest you to check them out if you are looking for some high waist ones. During my long and tiresome search for high waisted bathers, i would also suggest checking out Modcloth for all their styles, i love their polka dot red and black ones.. so tempting but i think two pairs is enough for now.

*Edit: girls, if you are thinking of getting the bikini online as well, there’s a 20% coupon code floating around (don’t know if it’s still valid) but give it a google, it may save you some money!*

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Oh! And if you haven’t visited my new blogstore – Vintage with Kani, come take a look! There are plenty of vintage items (and some things from my closet too!) that are waiting to be taken home and loved. Especially these bags. And also a few little hands that are very eager to wrap you a beautifully packaged parcel!

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