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My Fairy Dress

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Kani ivy hair wreath, dress c/o ClubCouture, vintage bag and ASOS buckle wedges.
Saving my favourite ClubCouture dress for last. A few of you have emailed me asking if my previous dresses were still in stock, so i’ve decided to help you find this dress on their site, just in case anyone was interested in getting their own :) The black version is here. I call it my fairy dress because it just has the most whimsical looking pleats all over and the swing shape makes me feel like i’m in some secret garden hanging out with little fairies. There used to be a white and pink version (i have the pink one) but looks like they are gone, but i did find a look-a-like to my UO dress here! And ‘CCBLOG15‘ gets you 15% off your order :)

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So one week of absentia. Where have i been? I really don’t know. Well for a first, Vintage with Kani received a quite a few orders during it’s first week so i’ve pretty much been hanging out at the post office every day. It’s very sad to see all my lovely vintage clothing be sent off to new homes, but i’m glad they will be going somewhere where they will be loved! 

As always, been hanging out at work too. My shifts are slowly dying down.. Had three last week, and three this week, though am getting four next week?! Also, our university timetabling system opened recently, and i have been spending quite a few un-fun hours trying to decide on what subjects i want to do. With my commerce/law (they really call it ‘laws’ it sounds so strange though!), we’re are supposed to overload this semester and do five subjects instead of four. Trying to battle with my mind right now to convince myself i can do it.. but i don’t know!

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Spent a saturday night out with some family friends for dinner, wearing my little peter pan dress. Had some delicious icecream (haha) and average asian food. 

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My sister loves baking and filled my whole dslr sd card with photos of her baking.

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Also, fun-est news to last. Kani, my etsy store, has been updated :) Brought in a bunch of lovely bow headbands made out of quirky vintage-inspired fabrics. Also, lots of woodlands inspired things as well. I must say that listing and making items is much more time consuming than it looks. I spent a whole night listing twelve items. Thinking of names and descriptions can be tough so i hope i did make sense with the stories i was writing about each of my headbands. You can be sure that i love each and one of them and hope you will too :) and for anyone that’s interested, i can combine shipping for my etsy items & vintage ones!
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