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Queensland Flood Appeal

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Photo credits: 1: herald sun // 2: toowoomba by chris stopher // 3: toowoomba by dan proud, getty // 4: toowoomba by nicole alayne hammermeis, reuters // 5: jonathon wood, getty images // 6: toowoomba by alicia morrison, reuters // 7: toowoomba by daniel munoz, reuters.
My little sister and i are here writing to you all about the horrific flooding that is occurring in Queensland right now. We ourselves are lucky to be in Victoria and aren’t affected by the flooding but most of Queensland, the Sunshine State of Australia (which unfortunately, isn’t so sunshine anymore) is currently suffering from severe flooding due to heavy torrential rain. The photos are really quite confronting and the video footage is even worse.
There are many people missing and also a rising death toll and it’s times like these where we are reminded of how grateful we should be for what we have. There are images on the news which show entire houses being engulfed under water, with the only thing visible being the tip of their roof.
We have just donated $100AU to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal. It’s pretty much all the money that came in from the Vintage with Kani blogstore opening yesterday. I guess it’s not a lot when $35million has already been raised but coming from a 15 and 18 year old sister team, i think we did our bit.

We are here to urge you all to consider donating to the appeal. I know many of the readers here are students and don’t earn much (me and my sister included both earn nothing much from our part time retail jobs), but any little amount is really going to make a difference when you look at the big picture. It doesnt’ matter how much you chip in, one dollar, two dollars, fifty dollars. It all counts as money that is desperately needed to help thousands of families rebuild and repair.

You can donate to the official appeal here. You can do it by mail, internet banking, on the phone, or even in person and there are also facilities for international donations to come through.
Oh and don’t accuse us of not donating because we did:
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Read more about the floods here. Fingers crossed that things don’t get much worse from now on and that the recovery process goes smoothly.
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