—— 21.02.11 | outfit ——

Mustard, Velvet & the 40s

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Forever 21 hat, Vintage shirt and jumper, Diva necklace, Jonathan Aston velvet leggings, Nine West boots and Vintage bag
I think i have just found one of the most amazing vintage bags in the world. It is this beautiful red bag (reminds me of those birkin bags) from the 1940s, crafted in Melbourne. I swear the photos do not do it justice – the red is a beautiful vibrant colour and did i mention it comes with a key so you can lock it!? 
So when i took photos of my outfit today, i decided to replace the bag i was previously using with this one – so i can share with you just how pretty it is!
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So you may or may not have realised that i got a haircut. It looked quite mullet-some when i walked out of the hairdressers but after a wash it seems tame. Except when i wake up after sleeping on my back and the back of my head is flat – why, oh why.

5464642132 7ee762ddbc b Mustard, Velvet & the 40s

And other news of the day? Uni is starting next Monday (massively depressing) but i am grateful to once again have a good timetable. This year i am also the graphics designer of one of the clubs at my uni, so i’ve been busy getting super cosy with Photoshop. For Valentines Day Tom & i headed to the moonlight cinemas and watched the French movie ‘Heartbreaker’. We came home smelling like aeroguard and i also, a little bit smarter – who knew foreign films like the Heartbreaker were classified as ‘arthouse’?! 
I also managed to watch Titanic for the first time last week – it was so depressing and sad that i wouldn’t classify it as a ‘good movie’ since i was too sad to even think of anything good after watching it. I think i prefer my feel good rom coms..! 

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PS. Just a reminder that my giveaway is closes in a few days, Sunny Sideup Closet are kindly giving away seven vintage dresses (you pick the ones you want)!

PPS. I was featured on WhoWhatWear.com here & and the debut issue of Alexis magazine. Thankyou everyone for the support & kind words :))

PPPS. It was a freezing 12-20 degrees in Melbourne today – it’s supposed to be Summer!

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—— 17.02.11 | outfit ——

Closed Giveaway – Seven Vintage Dresses Up for Grabs

5449907965 9bfea1af89 z Closed Giveaway   Seven Vintage Dresses Up for Grabs
5449907981 3b0fa00064 b Closed Giveaway   Seven Vintage Dresses Up for Grabs

You may have remembered some of the items that have been gifted to me by the lovely people at Sunny Sideup Closet. For example my polka dot teal dress or my beloved teddy bear’s picnic dress. Well today, i am excited to share with you that Ezreen and i have teamed up together to offer you the chance to win a vintage dress (or two!) from Sunny Sideup Closet! There are a total of seven dresses up for grabs, not to mention that this giveaway is open to everyone in the world :)

5449907971 d00c504b5e z Closed Giveaway   Seven Vintage Dresses Up for Grabs

So i know you lot are quite a creative and artistic bunch (and how we also all love vintage!) so this giveaway is a little bit of fun and games. We are holding a little pictorial competition and there will be three major winners who will win two vintage dresses of their choice each. A further bonus prize will be awarded to one reader who will win one dress of their choice. So here are the rules!
To qualify for one of three major prizes:
1. Take a picture with the words ‘I love Sunny Sideup Closet’. It can be simply you holding up a sign or pointing to photoshopped-in text. Or if you are feeling shy, you don’t have to be in the photo! Be as creative as you like. All entries will be uploaded as an album on the Sunny Sideup Facebook page after the competition has ended, so you will be able to check out other people’s Art.
2. Email the picture to me at kisforkani[at]gmail.com with the subject ‘GIVEAWAY’.
To qualify for the bonus prize (you can enter this even if you’ve entered yourself into the major prize):
1. Like Sunny Sideup Closet on Facebook, then leave a comment on this entry. (1 bonus)
2. Leave a comment answering the following question: ‘How would you style your new Sunny Sideup Closet vintage dress?’ (1 bonus)
Please also leave a contact email so we can get to you in case you win.
5450569046 2d51958dbb z Closed Giveaway   Seven Vintage Dresses Up for Grabs
There are seven vintage dresses up for grabs and instead of having the usual one winner, there will be four winners and hence quadruple the chance of winning :) Winners will choose their dresses after being notified. Entries close Thursday 24/02 at 9PM Melbourne time and four lucky winners will be chosen (by me) shortly after. Here’s my (sample) entry :)
5450553112 4ee060261c z Closed Giveaway   Seven Vintage Dresses Up for Grabs
So happy Thursday my lovelies, hope you become one of the lucky winners :)
—— 08.02.11 | outfit ——

Surfers Paradise

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5427519836 688e83374a z Surfers Paradise
5427519826 f340ff434b z Surfers Paradise
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5427519816 b9c11c5af6 z Surfers Paradise
5427530406 8d9205baef z Surfers Paradise
5427530396 b4db45823b z Surfers Paradise
After a weekend of recovering from minor sunburn, super crazy melbourne weather and just general bumming around, i’m finally back here and ready to share with you some photos from my trip to the gold coast :) The week involved checking out the Dracula’s Haunted House which gave me daytime nightmares, relaxing at Seaworld, visiting the beachfront night market and eating lots of Japanese food.
A couple of friends took a boat out the day before us and recommended it, so Tom and i hired the same boat the next day. We got pretty sunburnt and i accidentally drove the boat onto the shore, where it remained stuck for the next hour. Luckily for us, a few extremely kind locals were on the waters nearby and came and helped us push the boat out. It took five people to manouver the boat out and we were very grateful and lucky to have bumped into such generous strangers!
 5427530404 abf016a408 z Surfers Paradise
Also, thanks to the lovely reader Poya who emailed over suggestions on places to go – we ended up at a cosy little restaurant called Amimoto where we had some beautiful sushi! Also worth mentioning was Teppan King and Sushi Gallery which had the most amazing teppanyaki chef and sushi train dishes and Billy Baxter which served a lovely seafood and chips (and steak) for only $15! I think i pretty much stuffed myself every meal until the point where i just could not physically swallow anything else.. except for this mouldy piece of cheese below. 
5427530402 2be773c12b z Surfers Paradise
This little (or should i say big) specimen was discovered in a packet of Coles brand mozzarella cheese. I swear it was there when we bought the pack as it had only been lying in the fridge for two days when i was casually making a bowl of nachos one night and this mr. nasty popped out of the bag. We brought it back to Coles and got our full refund of $4.10, plus bonus stomach ache the following morning too. I had an urge to follow in the footsteps of the Chasers and that Donoghue v Stevenson case and sue them haha.. tort law semester one here we come!
5427597054 269c49a0cd b Surfers Paradise
5427597048 9beb26d1d3 z Surfers Paradise
5427597036 2fb200d5e5 z Surfers Paradise
5427597042 c62ed7d78e z Surfers Paradise
5427597052 2b2335e690 b Surfers Paradise
David Jones headband, dad’s old shirt, vintage top, Quirky Circus for MinkPink denim skirt, vintage bag, bracelets from China and Novo wedges
And, to finish off with a recently put together outfit. I really wanted to show you the dress i wore on my birthday last week but unfortunately both the dress (and i) got drenched in the torrential Melbourne rain. All is well now and i am now officially nineteen. Enjoy your week :)