Mustard, Velvet & the 40s

mustard jumper
mustard jumper 
Forever 21 hat, Vintage shirt and jumper, Diva necklace, Jonathan Aston velvet leggings, Nine West boots and Vintage bag
I think i have just found one of the most amazing vintage bags in the world. It is this beautiful red bag (reminds me of those birkin bags) from the 1940s, crafted in Melbourne. I swear the photos do not do it justice – the red is a beautiful vibrant colour and did i mention it comes with a key so you can lock it!? 
So when i took photos of my outfit today, i decided to replace the bag i was previously using with this one – so i can share with you just how pretty it is!
mustard jumpermustard jumper
mustard jumper

So you may or may not have realised that i got a haircut. It looked quite mullet-some when i walked out of the hairdressers but after a wash it seems tame. Except when i wake up after sleeping on my back and the back of my head is flat – why, oh why.

mustard jumper

And other news of the day? Uni is starting next Monday (massively depressing) but i am grateful to once again have a good timetable. This year i am also the graphics designer of one of the clubs at my uni, so i’ve been busy getting super cosy with Photoshop. For Valentines Day Tom & i headed to the moonlight cinemas and watched the French movie ‘Heartbreaker’. We came home smelling like aeroguard and i also, a little bit smarter – who knew foreign films like the Heartbreaker were classified as ‘arthouse’?! 
I also managed to watch Titanic for the first time last week – it was so depressing and sad that i wouldn’t classify it as a ‘good movie’ since i was too sad to even think of anything good after watching it. I think i prefer my feel good rom coms..! 

mustard jumper

PS. Just a reminder that my giveaway is closes in a few days, Sunny Sideup Closet are kindly giving away seven vintage dresses (you pick the ones you want)!

PPS. I was featured on WhoWhatWear.com here & and the debut issue of Alexis magazine. Thankyou everyone for the support & kind words :))

PPPS. It was a freezing 12-20 degrees in Melbourne today – it’s supposed to be Summer!

mustard jumper

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