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Surfers Paradise

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After a weekend of recovering from minor sunburn, super crazy melbourne weather and just general bumming around, i’m finally back here and ready to share with you some photos from my trip to the gold coast :) The week involved checking out the Dracula’s Haunted House which gave me daytime nightmares, relaxing at Seaworld, visiting the beachfront night market and eating lots of Japanese food.
A couple of friends took a boat out the day before us and recommended it, so Tom and i hired the same boat the next day. We got pretty sunburnt and i accidentally drove the boat onto the shore, where it remained stuck for the next hour. Luckily for us, a few extremely kind locals were on the waters nearby and came and helped us push the boat out. It took five people to manouver the boat out and we were very grateful and lucky to have bumped into such generous strangers!
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Also, thanks to the lovely reader Poya who emailed over suggestions on places to go – we ended up at a cosy little restaurant called Amimoto where we had some beautiful sushi! Also worth mentioning was Teppan King and Sushi Gallery which had the most amazing teppanyaki chef and sushi train dishes and Billy Baxter which served a lovely seafood and chips (and steak) for only $15! I think i pretty much stuffed myself every meal until the point where i just could not physically swallow anything else.. except for this mouldy piece of cheese below. 
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This little (or should i say big) specimen was discovered in a packet of Coles brand mozzarella cheese. I swear it was there when we bought the pack as it had only been lying in the fridge for two days when i was casually making a bowl of nachos one night and this mr. nasty popped out of the bag. We brought it back to Coles and got our full refund of $4.10, plus bonus stomach ache the following morning too. I had an urge to follow in the footsteps of the Chasers and that Donoghue v Stevenson case and sue them haha.. tort law semester one here we come!
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David Jones headband, dad’s old shirt, vintage top, Quirky Circus for MinkPink denim skirt, vintage bag, bracelets from China and Novo wedges
And, to finish off with a recently put together outfit. I really wanted to show you the dress i wore on my birthday last week but unfortunately both the dress (and i) got drenched in the torrential Melbourne rain. All is well now and i am now officially nineteen. Enjoy your week :)

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