—— 30.03.11 | outfit ——


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Forever 21 hat, gifted Spotted Moth dress, vintage jacket, ASOS bow belt, Novo shoes.
Happy Wednesday everyone! It has been four days since i resigned and right after i suddenly had a huge (online) shopping itch. So on friday i purchased a uni bag, saturday i purchased a couple (few) pairs of shoes and on monday i got myself two cardigans..! Yeah my only comeback i got for you all is that i shop in bursts and cross-my-heart i haven’t bought anything for so long… :D 
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Also, yesterday i hit 2000 google followers, thankyou everyone! I am really appreciative of the support <3 Would

Thought of the day: Advertisements are always the most amazing things to watch and decipher. It may just be because i am a marketing student but man, i swear i could sit still and watch an hour worth of 30sec tv ads. Some of them are so clever and despite the effortlessness of them all, so much planning is required to make campaigns successful!

Confession of the day: I just googled ‘a university or an university’ after getting slightly confused as i watched myself type out a uni bag.. Phew according to yahoo answers, i am right! 

—— 25.03.11 | outfit ——

New Beginnings

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Bardot blazer & dress, ASOS belt, Topshop tights, Tony Bianco heels, Diva ring, Vintage glomesh clutch, Hair wreath from kisforkani.etsy.com
Today i handed in my resignation for a part time job (i’m a full time student) that i’ve been at for over two and a half years. Sort of feels a little strange – given it was pratically my first job since i was 16, though i did have another job which i had for two months before that. For some reason, it feels a bit out of impulse, almost out of the blue even though i had been contemplating it for a while. Why resign? Well i’m currently doing full time uni, then i decided to sign myself up to do a certificate iv in financial services as well, i really want to get my licence soon so i need more time to drive and mostly, most importantly – i want to pursue something different. I want to spend more time on my etsy, find something marketing related (hopefully) and just see where the future takes me. Though my lovely friend yvonne just texted me to let me know that this blog was in the ASOS survey under ‘Which is your favourite aussie fashion blog’ which made me feel a little better, can’t believe people from ASOS read this? Neverthless, wish me luck!
Also! The last look for the Bardot Blog Off is now up, we had to style this strapless black dress. Believe it or not, i don’t have a single plain black dress in my wardrobe – my parents dislike me wearing black (some sort of asian custom thing i believe?) so hopefully i did this dress justice! If you like it, i’d absolutely love it if you voted for me here.
Secondly, today i walked past this huge as line outside apple. Now i am not some avid apple fan so i had no idea what was going on. A quick call to a friend established that this was the line for the ipad 2? Anyway, i found it freaking hilarious cause people had sleeping bags and fold out chairs and all, and the line was just freaking massive. Bigger than those harry potter lines, everyone looked so eager to part with their money haha whilst i guess coming from a now unemployed person, yes i don’t think i’ll be buying lunch from uni any time soon!

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Closed Giveaway – Frankie Sunshine

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Monday night here in melbourne and K is for KANI & Frankie Sunshine are here to spread the love to all of you lovely readers. I’m excited to announce another fun giveaway for you to enter.
Frankie Sunshine, the quirky little store where my plaited collar sweater from my last post came from, is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a $100 Frankie Sunshine voucher to spend on whatever items in store!

TO ENTER (do one or both)
(one entry) – Leave a comment stating what you would purchase & why. + leave your contact email should you win.
(one entry) – Like Frankie Sunshine on Facebook + leave a comment on this post with your contact email should you win.
The giveaway is open to all followers of this blog, both local and international. This giveaway closes next monday (28th march, 9pm melbourne time). One lucky winner will be chosen randomly shortly after.
Good luck everyone, if i could enter myself in, i so would. For a certain bunny wrap is making me smile large!