Forever 21 hat, gifted Spotted Moth dress, vintage jacket, ASOS bow belt, Novo shoes.
Happy Wednesday everyone! It has been four days since i resigned and right after i suddenly had a huge (online) shopping itch. So on friday i purchased a uni bag, saturday i purchased a couple (few) pairs of shoes and on monday i got myself two cardigans..! Yeah my only comeback i got for you all is that i shop in bursts and cross-my-heart i haven’t bought anything for so long… :D 
Also, yesterday i hit 2000 google followers, thankyou everyone! I am really appreciative of the support <3 Would

Thought of the day: Advertisements are always the most amazing things to watch and decipher. It may just be because i am a marketing student but man, i swear i could sit still and watch an hour worth of 30sec tv ads. Some of them are so clever and despite the effortlessness of them all, so much planning is required to make campaigns successful!

Confession of the day: I just googled ‘a university or an university’ after getting slightly confused as i watched myself type out a uni bag.. Phew according to yahoo answers, i am right! 

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