Forest Greens

forest green
forest green
forest green
forest green
forest green 
Handmade headband, Quirky Circus striped top, Lily Whyt floral jacket, Vintage green blouse, Diva necklace, gifted Robot Ninjas leather shorts, no name polka dot tights, Cotton on khaki socks, ASOS buckle wedges.
With my only relatives in Australia moving to New York for two years, Gossip Girl, a friend coming back from a holiday in America & listening to Bruno Mar’s ‘Somewhere in Brooklyn’ and Jay Z & Alicia Keys’ ‘Empire State of Mind’ on constant repeat, I’ve been having this huge obsession with New York for the past two weeks. Street Style blogs make the streets of New York seem so grand and beautiful (perhaps more grand and beautiful than they really are after I were to be living there for a few years). So i’ve decided that New York deserves a place on my list of ‘Places to live when i grow up’. It goes right under the only other place i am keen to experience – living in the midst of those green hills in Europe. My picks would be France or Austria. 
forest green  
Now what i was meant to say (before i went on about how cool it would be to live in New York), is that today’s outfit was a little bit inspired by Gossip Girl. Every time i catch an episode of that show, i always have a little urge to wear tonnes of layers and of course headbands. I was really eager to wear this new vintage blouse i thrifted with these Robot Ninjas leather shorts. I guess the girly blouse balances out with the motorbike-thoughts-inducing shorts! 
forest green forest green
Also, i just wanted to say a big congratulations to the winners of my latest giveaway! The three major prize winners were Heather, Heather & Jennifer who won two dresses of their choice each. The bonus prize went to Emma, who won one dress :) Don’t worry if you missed out, i have another giveaway coming very soon – maybe so soon that it will be my next post!


Lastly, i just wanted to let you know that i will be participating in the Bardot Blog Off this month. It is a styling competition between four Aussie bloggers and you can vote for me here, starting from tomorrow when the first look goes live! You can go into a draw to win prizes just for voting too :)

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