Preppy Pip

Diva necklace worn as a hairchain, necklace & bead bracelet, Bardot shirt, floral blouse & suede shorts, Vintage necklace & bag, leather bracelet from China and Urban Outfitters wedges.
So we are just half way through the Bardot Blog Off and i am here to present to you outfit three. This week the four of us were asked to style an outfit around this particular off-white shirt. I am a big fan of collars done up so i decided to style this outfit with a little bit of a preppy spin. So i chose to add in a vintage neck tie, as well as layer a floral blouse underneath. The shirt has a cute tie waist bow which can be done up on the front or back, but i did it up at the back and unfortunately forgot to take some photos of it! I wore that flower necklace as a hairchain again, did my hair up (i rarely do) and wore the most appropriate shoes i own.. i need shoes.
On monday i went with a couple of friends to Fashion Full Stop, the opening show for L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Can i just say, best show ever! Guy Sebastian & Marcia Hines was there too :) So everyone was extremely dressed up for the show and i came straight from a full day of uni!  So anyway, I saw so many amazing shoes  and I  am in this huge shoe craving mood and have this unfortunate perception in my head that i don’t own enough shoes. Safe to say i probably own quite an average amount – just counted 18 pairs excluding slippers, thongs and my one pair of runners which i have not worn since my high school physical education classes. SoOo.. muahahaha.

I’ll stop talking about shoes now.

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