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Velvet Florals & Plaited Collars

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Gifted 80′s Purple sunnies, vintage scrunchie, gifted May cropped sweater from Frankie Sunshine, Quirky Circus for MinkPink velvet floral shorts, Bracelets from China, Diva ring, Sportsgirl otk socks and Forever 21 clogs.
I’m here to share with you some things that have been trending in my head lately. Firstly, scrunchies. They are most definitely one of those things from the 80s that no one wants to know of or see again, but i think they are so cute! My mother had a whole cosmetic bag full of them, all of which she doesn’t wear anymore. I guess i’ve somewhat taken a propriety interest or just interest them and have put them in my hair every now and then. Actually, scrap that, i LOVE scrunchies! I just always forget to wear them, but today, i remembered :)
Another thing that i am liking these days is wearing cropped tops with high waist shorts/skirts. I was inspired to piece this crop sweater with the shorts because – well, i first saw these shorts in a mannequin in Myer, styled with a similar looking white cropped sweater! I’m so original, right :P But seriously, check out those plaits!
PS Congratulations to Diana & XinLin who were the lucky winners of our latest giveaway.

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