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Yellow In the Rain

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Gifted Modcloth yellow coat, Miss Patina dress, Ebay tights, Novo heels, Kani headband, Umbrella hat

Happy Sunday everyone!

I can proudly announce that today i did a whole two hours worth of driving practice. I think i have become much too desperate to get my P’s these days. Public transport has always annoyed me and i guess i have had quite a few traumatic experiences on the bus, including (but not limited to): sitting next to mosquitoes and spiders, falling over whilst walking to my chair, pressing the button and the bus driver forgetting to stop, having the door being closed on my foot, dropping things which then roll down to the front of the bus and the very last, most common one – going to the bus stop ten minutes early just in case the bus comes early but instead, the bus comes twenty minutes late – oh don’t you just love that! Anyway, going by the rate i am going (four hours of driving this week!) only 23 weeks left until i get to 120 hrs ;)

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l won this dress from a giveaway from fellow blogger and Miss Patina lover – hivennn. Haha i only entered because i was about to buy one of their dresses anyway and turns out, i was one of the winners! You may now like to be aquainted with the fact that i feel bad for winning and have not entered a giveaway ever since! On and in terms of that dress i was going to buy, it wasn’t this one so i went ahead and bought it anyway. I’ve worn it out a few times already (including on my birthday) so.. i must share with you all soon! But for now, check out those cute scallops and piping on my bright little autumn coat!

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Tomorrow marks the start of L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and i have managed to squeeze some time out of my busy uni/life schedule to check out Fashion Full Stop as well as run some short and sweet little denim styling workshops for Bardot :) – this is a completely separate thing to the Blog Off. So if your near any of the following stores on these days, feel free to come say hi! They are: tuesday highpoint @ 4pm, wednesday melbourne central @ 4pm, thursday doncaster @ 7pm, friday chapel st @ 6pm, saturday chadstone @ 12pm and sunday bourke st @ 1pm. And just so you don’t get so shocked – i can tell you now that i’m really shorter than i look ;) Oh and yes, feel free to vote for me here! <3<3

Much love,

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