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Bow Necktie

Wearing bows on my collar is a quirky little trend that i love. So much to the extent that i own these little beauties in six different colours and also have them for sale in my blog store, Vintage with Kani. They come in a cute little range of different patterns, colours and materials and are perfect for sprucing up a collared blouse or dress. You can layer them two at a time, or even wear them hanging off each other down your shirt. You could even wear it as a necklace! These nifty neckties hang on a matching strand of material and have an adjustable plastic clasp at the back so you can wear it at a number of different lengths. They are a unique find and a rare occurrence in shops these days, which is why we bring them to you! Super Gossip Girl, super vintage inspired and super affordable prices as well :)
$8AU each + free multitude of fun times wearing your new bow neckties, like below.
5656911488 f224951786 o Bow Necktie5656911472 b28715397e o Bow Necktie
5656911482 b1505d0268 o Bow Necktie
5656911490 089aceeccc o Bow Necktie
5656911494 77d144e400 o Bow Necktie
5656911496 77d144e400 o Bow Necktie
5656916292 daebb4f71a o Bow Necktie
{Please note this is for the polka dot one only}
5656916298 4961f34813 o Bow Necktie
5656916296 1dc4e916e2 o Bow Necktie
5656916304 5d461b4975 o Bow Necktie
5656916302 1f9430e7bc o Bow Necktie
5656916310 a2dffb0a3a o Bow Necktie
5656347403 dbb61258bf o Bow Necktie
5656347409 a485f4324f o Bow Necktie
5656347413 04be1b46b2 o Bow Necktie
5656347415 ed5a05e3af o Bow Necktie
5656347421 8904521018 o Bow Necktie
5656347425 11701d5e02 o Bow Necktie
5656921994 8ce78b9204 o Bow Necktie 
$8AU each. Limited quantities in stock.
To purchase, email kisforkani[at]gmail[dot]com with item name(s) in subject line, specify PayPal email and also country location. Visit Vintage with Kani for more information and goodies.

And did i mention they are for a limited time only, shipping for free worldwide, no matter how many you purchase? :)

Please note: These are not vintage, they are just vintage inspired and just as cool :)
{Wearing: Mickey mouse sunglasses c/o 80s Purple, Floral wreath – new design coming soon to KANI, Vintage boater hat, Polaroid camera, Holga 120CFN, Tortoise shell sunglasses from what i remember to be O-Week at uni and novelty pink sunglasses borrowed from my sister.}

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