—— 19.04.11 | outfit ——

Crystal Collars & Printed Lace

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Vintage scrunchie, Bardot dress & lace cardigan, ASOS belt & Nine West shoes.
Just some more photos i prepared for the Bardot style page but didn’t get used :) I think i’ve already mentioned how much i am loving scrunchies right now. Nothing much interesting to report other than the fact that i am having a date with my textbooks again..! Also, i’ll try and snap some pics of my wardrobe too if i have time. 
My shopping list: a colourful cape, sheer tights, overalls, bucket bag, looped scarf, corkboard pins & buckle boots. What’s currently on yours?

PS! New header, hope you like it :) Not sure about the little drawings on the right at the moment, lemme know what you think!