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A couple of weekends ago i went to the city with a friend (roy, a super photographer) in an attempt to do some street style shooting. I was so not planning to do any photographing but appointed myself the role of pointing out who to shoot and the plan was that roy was going to take the photos haha. Anyway i don’t know whether it was the crap weather, or the (many) bad places we chose to scout at, or the fact that it was a saturday morning or that because it was no longer fashion week or that we simply did not try hard enough but, we did not end up seeing many people. However just as we were about to give up i saw a girl wearing an amazing fur vest as we were crossing a busy intersection and well, we missed out! Anyway we headed to melb uni and long story cut short, we ended up meeting up with some people and taking photos.. which is what you see above. Oh, and i also managed to get my dose of yummy three colour drink from a little viet place on swanston that was so stuffy it made me dizzy.
Photo credit goes to these amazing photographers – roy, BC, jun yeu, and the noob looking ones.. they are taken by yours truly. 
I am going to turn this into a semi-outfit post and say that i am wearing vintage everything except for my shoes which are from Urban Outfitters :). 
Happy Easter everyone <3
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