—— 19.04.11 | outfit ——

Crystal Collars & Printed Lace

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Vintage scrunchie, Bardot dress & lace cardigan, ASOS belt & Nine West shoes.
Just some more photos i prepared for the Bardot style page but didn’t get used :) I think i’ve already mentioned how much i am loving scrunchies right now. Nothing much interesting to report other than the fact that i am having a date with my textbooks again..! Also, i’ll try and snap some pics of my wardrobe too if i have time. 
My shopping list: a colourful cape, sheer tights, overalls, bucket bag, looped scarf, corkboard pins & buckle boots. What’s currently on yours?

PS! New header, hope you like it :) Not sure about the little drawings on the right at the moment, lemme know what you think!

—— 15.04.11 | outfit ——

Wreath Of Flowers, Skirt Of Tulle

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5608584373 925b5a733a o Wreath Of Flowers, Skirt Of Tulle
5608584365 cf88322f74 o Wreath Of Flowers, Skirt Of Tulle
5608589159 9669e393c3 o Wreath Of Flowers, Skirt Of Tulle
KANI wreath, Diva locket necklace, Bardot tulle dress, ASOS suede wedges.
Hey guys! My Bardot style page is now live! I prepared a few outfits to showcase for it and a couple of them didn’t make it on the page – including this one, so i thought i’d share with you now. It’s actually one of my fave ones because i am just so in love with big puffy tulle skirts at the moment! I’ve also sketched so many wreath ideas to make for my Etsy store too – which i am dying to get a chance to make.  The one i am wearing is one of my absolute faves and i will be making many more of these in different colours and floral combinations, if only they didn’t take so long! Maybe mid-sem break next next week? 
Also i’m just going to let it out there and say that i feel so exhausted and thanks everyone for your lovely comments, i do read them all and do try my best to reply to you all but sometimes it just becomes a bit too much with all my other committments i have, i.e. reading my 1199page law textbook which weighs, i swear my scale says this – 2.5 kg.
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Much love x

—— 11.04.11 | outfit ——

Mr Cambridge

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5609401314 a92cea98df o Mr Cambridge
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5609401302 decaca6642 o Mr Cambridge
5609401300 7dde0c1157 o Mr Cambridge
Forever 21 floppy hat, gifted Toi et Moi oversize sweater, vintage leopard print blouse, Cambridge satchel from Modcloth, Jonathon Aston velvet leggings, ASOS black suede wedges.
Just a casual i’m-not-ready-for-monday-morning-classes outfit. Wore this to uni, minus the heels. Been feeling rather tired and out of it lately, my sister is on school holidays and i am feeling rather jealous! Hello to the girl who approached me on the bus – you took me by mighty surprise!
Hope you like my new sidebar, it went through a mini makeover and my header will be going through a mini makeover soon, if i get the time!